How to Style Your Hair for an Office Event with a Slicked Back Updo

/ 09.30.2015
How to Style Your Hair for an Office Event with a Slicked Back Updo
 How to Style Your Hair for an Office Event with a Slicked Back Updo

Office celebrations, dinner parties and black-tie shindigs require you to look glamorous. If you're looking for an easy and elegant hairstyle for an office event, you can never go wrong with a slicked back 'do.

Slicked back hairstyles suit all women, irrespective of their hair length and face shape. Depending on how long your tresses are, you can go for short, slicked back hair or a sleek, ultra-glossy updo. For square or diamond face shapes, you can try a brushed back slick hairstyle, while for a round or an oval face you can create a glamorous hairdo with a deep side part.

In this tutorial, we'll tell you how to make a slicked back updo for an office event. Since this hairstyle has a rich wet look, you don't need to wash your hair before styling it.

You'll need:

- A strand-smoother serum spray

- A clean style hair gel

- A fine toothed comb

- Bobby Pins

Get the Look

Step one

Rub a small amount of strand-smoother serum spray to detangle your hair and make it silky smooth for styling.

Step two

Work in a dollop of hair styling gel through your tresses and comb them to spread the gel evenly.

Step three

Create a side part and comb your hair once more to smooth it out perfectly.

Please note: If you have short hair that cannot be tied into an updo, or if you want to wear your hair loose, this is all you need to do to create a slicked back hairstyle! If you have longer hair, please read Step four.

Step four

For longer hair, gather all your hair at the nape of your neck and twist it into a sleek, low chignon. Secure the bun with bobby pins.

That's it!

The next time you wonder how to style your hair for an office event, just go for a slick updo. We guarantee that it'll make you the center of attention at the party!


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