How to style long bangs

/ 01.08.2014
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  • Long bangs
  • Go for a natural look like L'Oréal Paris spokesperson Lea Michele
  • Sweep your bangs to the side
  • Try incorporating bangs into a braided headband

Long bangs can be tricky, anyone who has ever tried to grow out their bangs can attest to that, but they can also be styled to look so good you might just forgive them for the near-constant maintenance. It's all about adding just the right amount of texture and movement AND – perhaps more importantly – still being able to actually see.

Whether you're deep into the growing-out process or planning on keeping your fantastic fringe, there are a few super simple styling tips you need to know about.

Keep it simple

For the minimalists out there, a natural look is a great go-to option. The thing is, when we say "natural", what we really mean is "engineered to look natural." Translation: you'll need a blow-dryer... and maybe a flat iron.

When hair is still damp, brush it to smooth out any waves or cowlicks, paying extra attention to the roots. Then, dry your hair about 85% before running a flat iron through your bangs. Finger-comb and fix with hairspray.

Showcase your "good" side

For bangs that really are pushing the vision-impairment boundary, sweep them to one side. Go for whichever side feels best – there really are no rules about which direction your hair should go in.

When blow-drying, simply guide your bangs with a barrel brush out towards the ear on your chosen side. For extra hold, mist with hairspray once hair is totally dry.

Up, up, up and away

Alternatively, you can take a completely different approach by styling your bangs into a mini pompadour. This look is perfect for anyone who likes all things retro and can be dressed up or down. This look is easiest to create using hairspray or putty, depending on the texture you want.

Using hairspray on the roots and lengths of your bangs, tease with a comb and shape into a pomp. Then, smooth over gently with the comb and re-spray for added hold.

If you want a sleeker finish, use putty instead. Work a small amount into your bangs, massaging the roots slightly, and shape with your hands. Comb over gently when you're done for a smooth look.

Hide & seek

Aside from clips and other carefully positioned accessories, a great way of dealing with long bangs is simply to hide them in an updo. Braided headbands are perfect for this as they can be tucked under or incorporated into the braid.

After all that, you need never be short on fringe-friendly hairstyle ideas again!

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