How to save your blowout when it's raining

/ 07.17.2015
Don't let the rain ruin your blowout!
Don't let the rain ruin your blowout!

We've all been there, after what feels like hours or blow-drying our hair to perfection, along comes the rain to wash our style out again. The good news is that, while it's very unlikely that you'll ever get the smooth, round brushed look back, there are a few ways to salvage your blowout from such a disaster. So, what are they?

Pin it up to dry

If your hair doesn't get too wet, you can salvage it by pinning the lengths into a low bun while it dries. Not only is this a great way to prevent a major frizz storm, it's also a really cute hairstyle in its own right! For the best results, apply a smoothing product like Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Frizz Vanisher Cream before putting your hair up to eliminate as much frizz as possible while it dries.

Sometimes, prevention is better than the cure, and this hairstyle trick will prevent most of your hair from getting wet in the first place if you do it with dry locks before heading out.

Make it look deliberate

When your umbrella turns itself inside out, or you forget it somewhere and you don't have a hood, there's nothing you can do but accept your hair's new unintentionally disheveled state. While your mane dries, twist large pieces around your finger then leave them to it for an undone, slightly wavy hairstyle that could pass for 'on purpose'. To turn it into more of a beachy 'do, apply a texturizing product like Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Tousle Waves Spray beforehand.

Dry shampoo

When hair gets rained on, it can look a bit flat and lackluster once it's totally dry again. Fortunately, dry shampoos such as Advanced Hairstyle BLOW DRY IT Longwear Spray are always there to save the day! Simply spritz some onto your roots, leave it for a few minutes, then brush it out to revive your tresses.

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