How to Make Your Blowout Last from Monday to Friday

/ 12.15.2015
How To Make Your Blowout Hairstyle Last Longer?
How To Make Your Blowout Hairstyle Last Longer?

So you got a blowout, it looks ah-mazing and you want it to last. Possible? Yes! In fact, with just a little effort and a couple of products in your arsenal, you can make your blowout hairstyle last from Monday to Friday! Whether you paid a fortune at a salon or tried out an at-home DIY blowout and succeeded at first attempt, here's a day-wise guide to make sure your hairstyle lasts an entire working week:

MONDAY is Protection Day: The day you get your hair done, tie it up in two side ponytails or Princess Leia style buns, using scrunchies and lie on a satin or a silk pillowcase to make sure that those eight hours of beauty sleep do not ruin your blowout.

TUESDAY is Boost Day: Remember to wear a shower cap before you hit the faucet in the morning. Next, to maintain the previour day's divine shine in your mane, spritz some fine control hairspray on a hairbrush, just flip your head upside down and brush your roots through. This will help to lift your drooping day-two strands and lend an appearance of volume to your mane.

WEDNESDAY is Dry Shampoo Day: By Day 3, your blowout starts to look 'womp-womp'! The roots look oily and the strands gloomy. The easiest way to pep them up is by spritzing some dry shampoo on the roots of your hair and tousling your hair with your fingers. This two- minute trick will restore the structure and volume back in your blowout and make it look good on the third day too.

THURSDAY is Control Your Bedhead Hair Day: On Day 4, mist your hair with a tiny amount of water and let it air dry. This will add extra volume to your hair without making the strands look stiff or heavy. Once your hair has dried, refresh your roots with some more dry shampoo to soak up the grease. Use a round brush to style and set your hair quickly. (You can also use a flat iron to smooth out your strands)

FRIDAY is Rock Your Grunge Hair Day: On Day 5, spritz some sea-salt infused beach spray on your hair to create a soft and texturized beachy look. The salt spray will not only break down the oil and product build up in your hair but also lend your blowout hairstyle a sexy, windswept finish.

SATURDAY is Wash Your Hair Day – use a restoring shampoo to rinse out all the build-up and get a fresh, squeaky-clean mane!


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