How to Make a Retro French Twist in 10 Easy Steps

/ 09.29.2015
Retro French Twist with a Bouffant
  Retro French Twist with a Bouffant

The French twist tops our list of glamorous women's hairstyles and is certainly one of the hottest, on-trend hairdos this fall. How about giving it a retro spin? If you have a penchant for all things vintage, we'll tell you how make a French twist with a bouffant and take your hairstyle to a whole new level!

To make a retro French twist without heat styling, you'll need:

- A paddle brush

- A volume inject hair mousse

- A high lift creation hairspray

- A strong-hold hairspray

- Bobby pins (a lot of them!)

Get the Look

Step one

Work in a small amount of volume inject mousse evenly through your dry hair.

Step two

Flip your hair upside down and comb it thoroughly using a paddle brush. This will help to lift your hair at the roots and make it look voluminous.

Step three

Make a side part and section off a couple of inches of face-framing hair. Secure this section behind your ear with a bobby pin. You can leave this section be to create a side-swept look or untie it later and smooth it out over your bouffant.

Step four

Spritz a generous amount of high lift creation spray at the crown of your head. This will not only lift your hair but will also make it easier to back brush (tease).

Step five

Use the paddle brush to tease your hair at the crown and build volume. Spritz some strong-hold hairspray on the teased section to make it stay put.

Step six

Gently comb back the rest of your front hair and smooth it over the teased section to make a perfect bouffant and secure it at the back of your head with a couple of bobby pins. Spritz some more hairspray to set the bouffant.

Step seven

Gather all your loose hair at the nape of your neck and tuck in bobby pins vertically to secure your tresses on one side.

Step eight

Twist your hair up and towards (in the same direction as) the pins. If your pins are on the left side, you should twist up your hair clockwise and vice versa. The side opposite the bobby pins should be absolutely smooth.

Step nine

Coil the end of the twist and fold it inside the pinned side. Tuck in a couple more pins to secure the 'do.

Step ten

Set your glamorous retro French twist with a generous spritz of strong-hold hairspray!




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