How to get subtle loose waves: hairstyle tutorial

/ 04.02.2014
Make some waves... some very subtle waves
Make some waves... some very subtle waves

Wavy hair is just the best. It looks totally natural even – especially – when it isn't, and it boasts a certain fairytale charm that is impossible to dislike. It's just pretty. There are all manner of different wave styles from super tight corkscrew curls to loose, barely-there waves, and absolutely all of them are beautiful. Today, however, this tutorial will focus on looser, more relaxed waves (as the photo opposite suggests).

For anyone who likes their beauty, and their wardrobes, minimalist, this hairstyle is perfect. A small amount of texture combined with a sleek finish creates a look that can be worn anywhere, and with anything. Sound good? We think so...

What you need:

Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Frizz Vanisher Cream
Round brush
Large-barrel curling iron
Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Bold Control Hairspray

Step one: Starting with damp, towel-dried hair, apply Frizz Vanisher Cream evenly from roots to ends and blow-dry with a round brush.

Step two: Once the hair is totally dry, use a large curling iron to curl the hair in sections, starting from ear-level or lower (the longer your hair, the lower down you can start curling), working down toward the ends.

Step three: Gently brush through the curl to unify them into a sleek cascade then run your fingers through your hair to make it look a little more natural.

Step four: Mist all your hair with Bold Control Hairspray for long-lasting hold and you're good to go!

If you prefer to minimize the amount of heat styling you subject your hair to, loosely braid the lengths after applying Frizz Vanisher Cream and let it air dry. That way, you can skip the blow-dryer and the curling iron.

Happy styling!

Products needed

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