How to get Jennifer Lopez's half-up hair from her Bronx homecoming show

/ 06.06.2014
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  • Recreate JLo's on stage hairstyle!
  • Swish, swish, swish... Jennifer Lopez performing at a concert in the Bronx
  • Swish, swish, swish... Jennifer Lopez performing at a concert in the Bronx

When you're up on stage, swishable hair is essential if your name happens to be Jennifer Lopez. For her first ever homecoming concert in the Bronx, the American Idol judge went for a style that was more than capable of swishing the night away in the form of a high half-up ponytail. It was also a practical choice because it kept most of her hair up and out of her face. Well, she is a superstar pro!

If you're planning on going on tour soon (or you just want a hot new party hairstyle) and are in need some on-stage style inspiration, here's the tutorial you need!

Up, up, up and away

There's something seriously "nineties" about a high pony of any kind so who better than J-Lo, a true 90s superstar, as a basis for our high-rise pony how-to?

Step one

Apply some Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Frizz Vanisher Cream and blow-dry your hair with a wround brush. Wrap a section of hair all the way around the brush, gliding it through to the ends as the hair dries to create some curves. Repeat this process until all of your hair is dry then brush it all through.

Step two

Take the front section of your hair and separate it from the rest, making sure not to miss the bits above the ears. Use a paddle brush if your hair is a bit unruly!

Step three

Use a comb to smooth over the hair on the top of your head, then tie the section from step two in a high ponytail with a thin hair elastic that closely matches your hair colour.

Step four

Apply a generous amount of Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Bold Control Hairspray and scrunch the ends of the hair in your palms for a messy curl like J-Lo.

Now all you have to do is practice your hair swishing technique...

Products needed

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