How to Get Bombshell Hair Like Karlie Kloss

/ 10.22.2015
Retro Hairstyle: Bombshell Hair
Retro Hairstyle: Bombshell Hair

In a recent article published online, predicted the comeback of hair rollers and bombshell hair and referenced to the Instagram pics of supermodels Karlie Kloss and Gisele Bundchen wearing Velcro rollers. We thought it'd be a good idea to tell you how to create bombshell hair like these fashionistas so that you can perfect the style and sport it in the upcoming holiday season!

What is Bombshell Hair?

Before we learn how to get bombshell hair, it's important to know what this hairstyle exactly is.

Created with hair rollers, this retro hairstyle owes its name to a 1930s film called 'Bombshell', in which lead actress Jean Harlow sported a short and curly bob hairstyle. Owing to her sensual appeal, she was nicknamed 'blonde bombshell', meaning 'an attractive woman'. Her short curly hairstyle gained a lot of popularity too and came to be known as 'bombshell hair'!

How to Create Bombshell Hair at Home

You'll Need:

- A strand smoother serum spray

- A bold control hair spray

- Hair rollers (7-8)

- Alligator clips

- Fine-toothed comb

- Bobby pins

Get the Look

Step One

Mist your hair with some strand smoother hair spray to make it detangled, soft and shiny.

Step Two

Divide your hair into multiple sections of about 2" thickness each. We'll work with only one section at a time, so you can secure the rest with alligator clips.

Step Three

Start with the face-framing section. Tug the hair section forward (horizontally), place the roller at the end of the section, twist your hair inwards towards your hairline and secure with an alligator clip.

Important tip: Remember, roll your hair over not under. Refer to the cover image above to see how the model's front hair sections are rolled up.

Step Four

Repeat 'Step Three' with all the hair sections, rolling your hair upwards.

Step Five

Spritz a bold control hairspray over your rolled hair and leave it for 15-20 minutes to set and take on a curly shape.

Step Six

Take your hair off the rollers, but pin each section back in the same cylindrical shape using bobby pins. Let the style set for 15 more minutes.

Step Seven

Spritz some more hairspray on the rolled up sections and gently unpin them to get a glamorus and sexy retro bombshell hairstyle!





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