How to get bangs without a haircut

/ 08.26.2015
Bangs: fake 'em knowing you're never gonna make 'em
Bangs: fake 'em knowing you're never gonna make 'em
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With fall right around the corner, change is in the air, especially where our hair is concerned! For those of you who want a new hairstyle without a radical cut, getting bangs is a great way to go, but what if you're not totally sure about joining the fringe club? Well, the good news is you can fake it until you're totally sure you want to make it.

That's right, trial the look with some faux bangs before getting them cut in for real!

How to get temporary bangs

1/ Clip-in bangs

While clip-in bangs can sometimes appear obviously fake, you can make them work seamlessly with the rest of your hair. Before wearing them, get your stylist to trim them to fit your existing cut, and make sure you get a color that matches your strands. A mismatched color is always a dead giveaway, and a total no-no if you want clip-in bangs to pass for the real thing!

2/ Sneaky side sweep

If you think you might want a sideswept fringe, trial the look with a carefully placed side sweep. Part your hair deep on one side, then arrange the hair with a bobby pin and a little flexible hold putty to keep it in place.

3/ Bangin' updo

To road test a fringe that falls straight down over your forehead, pile your hair on top of your head, and arrange the ends to resemble your desired bangs. Secure with bobby pins and plenty of hairspray, then spend the day with your "new look" to see how you really feel about it!

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