How to get a hairstyle that suits your face shape

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It's really important to factor in your face shape when choosing a new haircut!

When deciding on a new haircut, or even just a different hairstyle, it's important to factor in your face shape. Whether you have a square, round, heart or oval shaped face, there a many different 'dos that'll suit you down to the ground!

It can be difficult to tell what your face shape is, but luckily there are a few general rules to help you out. Square faces tend to have wide foreheads and angular jawlines with straight(ish) sides. Round faces have wide cheeks and no pronounced angles at the hairline or chin. Heart shaped faces have cheeks that are a little wider than the hairline, and a pointed chin, plus they often have a widow's peak. Oval faces tend to be longer than they are wide, with little or no angularity at the jaw and hairline.

Some hairstyles like the textured bob and long, layered cuts can work for all face shapes, whereas other, more intense looks like pixies, undercuts, center parts and slicked back locks require careful consideration. That said, none of them are off-limits for any face shape because the length, texture and location of the part can all be altered to make them work!

Aside from your face shape, it's also important to think about your features, your hair texture and your personal style when choosing a new 'do. Reflect on what you want to emphasize, how much time you're prepared to spend on styling, and how often you can make it to the salon for trims and touch ups.

Finally, if you're not entirely sure what your face shape is, get a professional to weigh in. Your stylist has probably seen every kind of face shape there is and will be able to give you some personalized recommendations for your specific dimensions.

Happy styling!

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