How to get a great hair care routine: what not to do

/ 07.14.2015
Great hair starts with great haircare!
Great hair starts with great haircare!

A great haircare routine can make all the difference to your mane. When hair is healthy and cared for, it looks better, feels better, and it's way easier to style than damaged, stressed out locks! So, how can you get an effective haircare routine that works for you?

Things to avoid

There is no one-size-fits-all rule when it comes to figuring out your haircare methods, but there are some things everybody should avoid to help make their hair stronger and healthier!

1/ Too much heat

Whenever you can, cut back on heat styling. So, if you do regular blowouts, leave enough time for your hair to air dry most of the way before starting the brushwork. Similarly, you should also check out some heat-free alternatives for creating wavy tresses and even styling your hair for work!

2/ Chemicals

Anything with sulfates, parabens or alcohol should be banned from your bathroom and swapped for natural ingredients that will nourish your hair. Using harmful chemicals can cause dryness and eventually lead to brittle strands that can snap off or split.

3/ Pulling and stretching

It's important to avoid anything that yanks or stretches your hair, like plastic hairbrushes, elastic bands or any accessories that tangle your hair. All of these things can cause the hair to break off! You should also avoid stretching the hair in any way while it's still wet as this can weaken your strands.

Compulsory haircare

There are also a couple of things everyone can incorporate into their weekly routines to improve hair health!

4/ Conditioner

Keeping your hair well hydrated is a huge part of an effective haircare regimen, so you should condition regularly. We're talking regular conditioner, leave-in conditioner and deep conditioning masks and treatments. You may also find that some of these combined with hair oil and/or serum can make a real difference to the look and feel of your hair- it just takes a little and error to find out what works for you.

5/ Heat protectants

Although heat styling should be kept to a minimum, using a thermal protectant like Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT Blowout Heatspray every single time will reduce the likelihood of damage creating a protective barrier between your tools and your hair.

6/ Regular trims

One of the best ways to make your hair look and feel better instantly is to remove damaged ends. You can't fix split strands, so regular trims are the only way to eliminate them! Depending on your haircut and hair type, you should be going roughly every six weeks, however shorter cuts may require more frequent trips to the salon.

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