How to Do a Glamorous Blowout at Home

/ 10.21.2015
DIY Glamorous Blowout Tutorial
DIY Glamorous Blowout Tutorial

Who doesn't look good in a glamorous blowout hairstyle? We might not have a squad of hairstylists to make us look as good as the fashionistas posing on the red carpet, achieving a salon styled look in the comfort of our home is not impossible either!

Follow these easy steps to create a DIY glam blowout at home ...

You'll Need:

- A blowout heatspray

- A blow dryer

- A mixed bristle round hairbrush

- A strand-smoother serum spray

- Alligator clips

Get the Look

1/ Prep Your Hair

Spritz your damp hair with a generous amount of heat protectant blowout hairspray.

Using the blow dryer, rough dry your hair till it is about 75% dry. Gently tousle hair pieces with your fingers to allow the heat to reach every section of your head.

Remember: Your blow dryer should be on medium heat setting and the nozzle should point downwards so that your hair cuticles get sealed and your strands look shiny.

2/ Brush. Blow dry. Repeat

Spritz some strand-smoother serum spray on your hair to remove frizz, tame flyways and make your strands smooth and shiny.

Use a mixed bristle round brush to dry about 3-4 inches of your face framing hair. Use alligator clips to separate dry sections from wet ones.

Repeat this step until you've dried up your hair (front and back) completely.

Optional styling tip for fine hair: As you finish blow-drying each section, roll it up in a loose curl and secure it with the help of an alligator clip. By doing this, you will be able to achieve a curled, bouncier finish.

3/ Get, Set, Go!

When you are done blow-drying your hair, unpin the curled sections. Mist your palms with some strand smoother serum spray and gently rake your fingers through your hair, pushing the tresses around the crown slightly upwards to build an appearance of volume.

That's it!

Flip your fresh blowout hairstyle like a superstar and make heads turn wherever you go!



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