How to Curl Your Hair without Using Any Heat Styling Products

/ 09.08.2015
Curl Your Hair without Using Heat Styling Products
 Curl Your Hair without Using Heat Styling Products

If you've ever looked at women with curly hair and wished you had gorgeous curls too, or have ever tried your hand at curling your straight or wavy tresses with little or no success, this article is for you. What's even better, we'll tell you how to curl your hair without using any heat styling products! Interested? Read on...

What You'll Need:

- A hair styling gel or a strong hold hair spray

- A wide-toothed comb

- Some bobby pins or hair ties (whichever you prefer)

Let's get started:

1. Spritz a few pumps of fine hold hair spray all over your tresses or smooth in a small amount of hair styling gel to prep your tresses.

2. Divide your hair into multiple sections (8-10 recommended).

3. Twist each section like a rope and roll it into a tight spiraled knot (also known as a bantu knot).

4. Secure the knot against your scalp with the help of a bobby pin or a hair tie.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with all the sections.

6. Spritz some more hair spray over the finished knots and leave them overnight to set.

7. Next morning, untie the knots one by one and separate them gently with a wide-toothed comb to get perfect-looking curly hair!

Try out this method over the weekend to see if very curly hair suits you. For a more natural look, divide your hair into random sections instead of in clean parts. You can go for tight curls or fuller-looking big ones. Just remember, the smaller your knot, the tighter your curls will be.

A lot of women with naturally curly hair use the bantu-knots technique to keep their locks frizz-free and easy to manage. Prepping their hair with a good curl taming cream or a super-hold curl mousse helps them to set their style for longer wear. For those of us with straight or wavy tresses, this is an easy peasy, DIY trick to curl our hair without using any heat styling products and sport a new style, every once in a while!


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