How to Choose a Hair Part that Suits Your Face Shape

/ 09.28.2015
How to Choose a Hair Part that Suits Your Face Shape
  How to Choose a Hair Part that Suits Your Face Shape

Choosing the right hair part can make your hairstyle stand out and enhance your overall look. Read on to know which hair part is best-suited for your face shape.

Middle Part
  Middle Part

Middle Part: A middle part is best-suited for both round and oblong face shapes.

While it helps to make a round face look longer and slimmer, it creates an illusion of roundness for oblong faces by sharpening the cheeks and the jawline, and makes them appear shorter in length.

A middle part for round or oblong faces works best with long, layered hair. The longer your layers, the better you'll look with a middle part!

Off-Center Part
  Off-Center Part

Off-Center Part: An off-center part looks great on oval face shapes.

When it comes to experimenting with on-trend hairstyles, oval faces are simply the best. An off-center part lends an interesting appeal to an oval face; it helps to balance attention between the best features of your face and the uniqueness of your hairstyle.

Slightly off-center parts are in vogue this season. We've seen countless hairstyles with off-center part on the Fashion Week runways this year, including at the Alexander Wang and House of Holland Spring/Summer 2016 shows. You can pull off this hair part with medium-length to long hair of any texture.

Side Part
Side Part

Side Part: A side part is great for almost all face shapes, including round, oval, diamond and heart-shaped!

A side part helps to make an oval face look slightly elongated and create better visual symmetry. It lends an illusion of length to a round face and complements the high cheekbones of a diamond shaped face. You can also wear your hair with a deep side part to smooth out the pointiness of your heart-shaped face and soften up your features.

A side part is quite versatile and looks great with long, layered hairstyles, shorter chin-length bobs and even super-short pixies! Add color highlights to give your side part hairstyle a trendy appeal.

So, now that you know which hair part is best for your face shape, go ahead and try out a variety of hairstyles that'll make you go from looking good to drop dead gorgeous!



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