How to add definition to curly hair

/ 04.15.2014
Make the most of those curls!
Make the most of those curls!

With naturally curly or wavy hair, achieving the texture you want can sometimes seem like an uphill struggle. Unlike straight hair, it usually takes more than a simple wash-and-go to get your coils looking just right.

If you just can't seem to make your hair behave as you would like, don't worry because there are plenty of non-time consuming styling and hair care tricks than can help.


Curly and wavy locks are more prone to dryness so frequent conditioning should be a major part of your hair care regimen. It's also beneficial to use a deep conditioner and/or a mask regularly, too – about once a week.

Many people find that shampoo can make their hair feel dry afterwards, so try to wash your hair only when you actually need to. This will help your curls to hold onto moisture and essential nutrients that are retained within the hair cuticle for longer.


You might have already discovered that drying curly hair roughly with a towel can create a ton of unwanted frizz and make styling more difficult than it needs to be. To avoid this, press wet hair gently with a micro-fiber towel, paper towels or a t-shirt.

After that, if you plan on leaving your hair to air-dry, scrunch some Advanced Hairstyle CURVE IT Elastic Curl Mousse from roots to ends then curl sections around your index finger to create ringlets. Clip the hair up, lifting it off the scalp, and leave it to dry. When you take your hair down, gently finger-comb it through, and you're good to go!

If your curls are particularly stubborn, however, you may find that blow-drying on a low heat setting with a diffuser attachment will add more definition than letting them dry naturally.


Unless you're really into cotton candy-esque frizz, don't brush your curls. Instead, use a wide-tooth comb to eliminate any knots and tangles and don't rush. Ripping through your hair, whatever your hair type, can cause split ends and shaft breakage.

You should also avoid touching your hair too much during the day as the more it's played with, the more likely it is to go frizzy on you. Wearing a shower cap between washes will help prevent extra frizz, too.


Lastly, it's worth investing in a silk pillowcase. Why? Because silk is gentle on the hair cuticle and won't rough-up hair fibers while you sleep. That way, you're more likely to wake up with fantastic frizz-free locks than you are if you have a cotton or synthetic pillowcase.

Each head of curly hair is totally different so just keep experimenting until you've got a hair care routine that works for you. For any bad hair days in the meantime, we have an easy updo tutorial to see you through...

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