Hottest Retro Hairstyles That Have Made a Comeback This Season

/ 10.01.2015
Hottest Retro Hairstyles That Have Made a Comeback This Season
  Hottest Retro Hairstyles That Have Made a Comeback This Season

When we speak of retro hairstyles, vintage bouffants and beehives, pin curls, finger waves and headscarf updos immediately come to mind. Well, the good news is that these hairstyles of yore are back in vogue this season and we're seeing them all over Fashion Week runways. Why not try a few of these fabulous vintage hairstyles from the '40s, '50s and '60s while they're enjoying their moment in the limelight?

Here are the hottest retro hairstyles for women that have made a comeback this season:

Headscarf Updo
  Headscarf Updo

1. Headscarf Updo

A headscarf updo instantly reminds us of Rosie the Riveter's "We Can Do It!" poster. Instead of going for the classic red and white polka-dotted scarf, you can go for one with big floral prints.

To make this retro hairstyle work for you, you should ideally have shoulder-length to long hair. However, if your hair is very short and you cannot tie it up, ditch the updo and simply go with a cute headscarf, knotted in the front, as shown in the image above.

This cute updo is perfect for busy moms who don't have a lot of time on their hands to style their hair, as well as for ladies who just want to have some fun with their regular hairstyle. In fact, you can also sport this 'do if your shampoo is overdue!

Teased Crown with Low Ponytail
  Teased Crown with Low Ponytail

2. Teased Crown with Low Ponytail

This classic retro hairstyle is one of our favorites and can be created with medium-length to long hair. In fact, it is one of the most requested retro hairstyles at salons these days. The best thing about this 'do is that it is quite simple to create.

To create this vintage hairstyle, spritz some high lift creation hairspray on the crown and at the back of your head to lift the roots and create volume. Lift the hair in this section by back brushing and spritz a fine-hold hairspray to set it. Using the back of your comb, smooth the front hair pieces over the teased crown. Gather all your hair at the nape of your neck and tie it into a low ponytail using an elastic. Spritz some more hairspray to set your style for longer wear. Complete your retro look with winged eyeliner and a light lip gloss.

Sleek High Ponytail
 Sleek High Ponytail

3. Sleek High Ponytail

This retro hairstyle is super stylish, very practical and just perfect for women with long hair. You can wear this hairstyle to work or sport it at a party. You can also create interesting variations with this updo by going for a twice-bound high ponytail, a bubble pony or a sleek ponytail with middle parted bangs!

To make your hairstyle extra smooth and shiny, spritz a small amount of strand-smoother serum spray on your tresses. This will help to straighten out your strands and lend them a glossy effect.

The sleek high ponytail works best with straight hair, so if you have wavy or curly tresses and want to give this hairstyle a try, you'll have to flat iron your lovely locks.

Bardot Bun
  Bardot Bun

4. Bardot Bun

Big hair is in, in a big way! If you want to rock a glamorous '60s updo at the next party, a Bardot bun might just be your thing!

With an elegant repertoire of chic hairstyles, French style icon Brigitte Bardot is our most trusted source of inspiration when it comes to perfectly teased retro updos. To create her signature bun, you must have medium-length to long hair, preferably straight or wavy.

Start by spritzing some heat protectant spray on your damp hair. This will help to protect your tresses from any damages caused by heat styling. Blow dry your hair using a large barreled round brush. Pull up your dry hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Spray some high lift creation spray along the length of your ponytail and tease it with your hairbrush to build volume.

Brush the ponytail forward (towards your hairline) and fold it over vertically to cover the hair elastic; secure the ends with bobby pins. Gently pull down the sides of the folded pony (like you open a hand-held fan) and pin them at the base to create a donut-like bun. Tuck in a couple more bobby pins, if needed, to secure your Bardot bun.

Finish off with a generous spritz of hairspray to set the style for long wear.

Soft, Side Swept Wavy Bob
  Soft, Side Swept Wavy Bob

5. Soft, Side Swept Wavy Bob

This one's by far the most romantic retro hairstyle. The low side sweep of the soft, wavy bob creates an impression of bangs. It frames the face beautifully and helps to draw attention to the eyes and lips. While creating this vintage hairstyle, it is important that you make loose waves instead of tight ones, in order to achieve a softer looking finish.

This vintage look is perfect for women who have short, wavy hair and goes really well with smoky eyes and nude lips. You can wear easily pull off this chic hairstyle at work or a party!

Super Short Bangs
  Super Short Bangs

6. Super Short Bangs

Audrey Hepburn's iconic short bangs in Roman Holiday are simply unforgettable! Thankfully, the super short fringe is back in fashion and everyone, right from supermodels and celebrities to girls next door, is sporting it!

Super short bangs, also known as baby bangs, look great on oval and long face shapes and work best with pixies and bobs. If you want to play up your high cheekbones and gorgeous long neck, this is the perfect style for you!

You can style your super short bangs in a variety of ways. Sweep your fringe to one side, or create a soft, piecey look. You can also secure your bangs with a bobby pin or a cute little hair clip, or wear a thin headband for a more on-trend style.

Loose Beehive
  Loose Beehive

7. Loose Beehive

A beehive is quintessentially an 'evergreen' retro hairstyle, which appears on Fashion Week runways almost every year. The hairdo is very easy to create with shoulder-length to long hair.

To make a loose beehive, scrunch some volume inject mousses in your damp hair and blow-dry your tresses using a round brush.Wit the help of a tail comb, create a sharp middle part, about 3 inches long; brush your hair evenly on either sides and tuck it behind your ears.

Next, spritz a generous amount of high lift creation spray on the roots near the crown as well as at the back of your head. Tease your hair to create height and build volume. When you're happy with the look, spritz a little strong-hold hairspray to keep your teased hair intact. Brush your hair very gently to smooth out the surface of your beehive.

Complete the look by misting your vintage hairstyle with a generous amount of hairspray.

Retro Waves
  Retro Waves

8. Retro Waves

Retro waves look very classy on women with chin to shoulder-length hair and oval face shapes. If you want to look fancy at the next cocktail party, retro waves won't let you down!

To create gorgeous retro waves, make a side part in your hair and spritz a good heat protectant spray on your tresses to shield them against damages caused by heat styling. Comb your hair thoroughly to make it smooth and divide it into multiple vertical sections. Wrap each section around a curling iron and make loose curls. After you finish curling each section of hair, pin it up and allow it to cool down.

When you're done with all the sections, wait for a few minutes before taking all the pins off. Run your fingers gently through your curls to relax them – they'll turn into loose waves!

Spritz your favorite hairspray to make your glam hairstyle stay put for hours!

Retro Curls
  Retro Curls

9. Retro Curls

Looking for a romantic date-night hairstyle for short hair? We've got just the hairdo for you! Say hello to retro curls – a sweet and simple vintage hairstyle that you can create at home in under 30 minutes!

Start by creating a deep side part. Next, prep your hair for heat styling by misting your tresses with a good heat protectant spray. Use a large barrel curling iron to curl up all your hair. Once done, roll and tuck the curls around your neck using bobby pins. This will help to create an impression of a curly faux bob.

Finish off with a generous spritz of a strong-hold hairspray!

Should you want to accessorize your retro hairstyle for a glam event or a vintage theme party, tuck in an ornate hair brooch or pin up one side with a studded hairpin!

Vintage Long Bob
  Vintage Long Bob

10. Vintage Long Bob

The best thing about having a long bob is that you can easily transform your daytime work hairstyle into an elegant party 'do in the evening. Creating a vintage long bob is so simple, you'll make it your go-to party hairstyle once you've perfected it!

This style of bob works best with slightly wavy hair. To create an ultra-glamorous updo, all you need to do is spritz your hair with some high lift creation spray to build volume; create a deep side part and pin-up the face-framing section of your hair on the same side as the part. That's all! Tuck in a studded hairpin to accessorize your hairstyle and leave the rest of your hair loose to create a classy, retro effect.

Rock your vintage long bob with an off-shoulder dress and rich lip color.



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