Holiday Hairstyles: How to Do a Wavy Blowout at Home

/ 12.07.2015
How to Do A Wavy Blowout At Home
How to Do A Wavy Blowout At Home

The holiday season gives us a free pass to sport the most stunning hairstyles. Get your glam on with an at-home wavy blowout that's big on drama, yet incredibly easy to pull off. You can create it with any length of hair – right from medium-length locks to waist-grazing tresses, match it with any outfit and wear it just about anywhere.

Here's a step by step tutorial on how to do a perfect wavy blowout at home:

You'll Need:

- Heat protectant hairspray

- Blow dryer

- Round brush (preferably mixed bristle)

- Alligator clips

- Strand smoother-serum spray (for added shine)

- Finishing hairspray

Sleek Wavy Blowouts are Easy to Create
Sleek Wavy Blowouts are Easy to Create

Get the Look:

Step One: Prepping

Spritz your wet hair generously with heat protectant hairspray. The product will shield your strands from the damages of heat styling, help to control frizz and make your hairstyle look flawless.

Step Two: Drying

Use your blow dryer to get about 70% of the moisture off your tresses. Don't use a comb while blow drying as it will tug at strands and may cause them to break. Instead, use your fingers to tousle small section of hair as you run the blow dryer from the scalp to the roots. Set the heat to medium and point the nozzle of the dryer towards the floor while drying your hair to prevent the occurrence of frizz, seal the cuticles and add extra shine.

Step Three: Styling

Impeccably styled front and top hair sections are the highlights of a good wavy blowout and therefore, should be styled first! Start with about 3-4 inches of your face-framing hair; roll them on a round brush and dry them completely. Once dried, roll them into loose barrel-shaped curls, secure them with alligator clips, spritz some strand-smoother serum spray for added shine and let them set while you style the rest of your hair. These curls will add a good lift at the roots and make your hairstyle look bouncy.

Repeat the step with the rest of your hair, curling medium-sized hair sections in opposite directions to create a voluminous blow out.

Step Four: Set & Go!

Once the blowout is complete, unpin the curls and spritz some hairspray all over your mane to set your hairstyle for longer wear. Quickly rake your fingers through your hair and push it slightly upwards to create a bouncy effect.

Additional tip: How to Make Your Blowout Last Longer

If you want to make your blowout last for an extra day or two, pin it up in a top knot or plait your hair in a braid before going to bed. If your hair looks greasy the next morning, spritz some dry shampoo at the roots and finger-comb your tresses to spread the product and make your mane look squeaky-clean.

What do you think, ladies? Will you sport a sleek, wavy blowout this holiday season?


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