High-volume hair tutorial for mid-length hair

/ 12.10.2013
Get a cotton candy hairstyle with our tutorial
Get a cotton candy hairstyle with our tutorial

Big hairstyles are currently enjoying something of a renaissance right now and at Paris Fashion Week (SS14 in case you wanted to know), we spotted this cotton candy style look. For the Gosia Baczynska catwalk, a flurry of fluffy-haired models made their way down the runway as calmly as a group of clouds in the sky, their hair adding a sense of other-worldly romanticism to proceedings.

Naturally, we wanted to join in. Well, who doesn't want to float around like a cloud?

As this look was just too appealing to resist, we have a tutorial for any of you out there who share our passion for all things big and fluffy. Just be warned, this probably isn't a look that can be worn to work... unless you are a cotton candy seller in which case it might be good for business.

Step one

Start with wet hair. Blow-dry your locks until everything is only slightly damp.

Step two

Next, part your hair into two sections – roughly in the middle of your head but just go with whatever works best for you – and then braid into loose pigtails.

Step three

Blow-dry the pigtail braids until your hair is totally dry.

Step four

Take out the braids and run your fingers through your hair to separate everything out.

Step five

Now comes the fun part: flip your hair upside-down and spray generously all over with hairspray and tease to add extra volume. Then, with your hair back the right way up again, tease the top slightly to add yet more volume.

FYI, the amount of teasing is totally up to you, your hair type and just how big you want your hair to be. For example, someone with fine hair who wants a lot of volume will have to tease a lot more than someone with slightly thicker hair who wants a more low-key look.

Step six

Mist once more with hairspray for extra hold and use your fingers for any final touch ups.

And hey presto! That fluffy, cloud-like volume is all yours.

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