Headscarf hairstyles for spring 2014

/ 03.07.2014
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  • Try a headscarf this spring
  • Try a headscarf this spring
  • Try a headscarf this spring
  • Try a headscarf this spring

Headscarf hairstyles are perfect for spring as they can add extra color to your whole look. They also expand your updo repertoire while simultaneously giving you a reason to go for something super lazy like a topknot or ponytail. What's not to love about this gorgeous accessory?

Headscarf fact: Any updo is totally transformed with a headscarf wrapped around it!

Since the 1940s, headscarves have been a hairstyle staple for lots of women. They're really practical for keeping your hair under control and/or keeping it clean, and they look really pretty. If you haven't tried one yet, perhaps it's about time; they have been trending for the best part of a century after all...

A versatile accessory

There is a multitude of different ways to wear a headscarf, it all depends on your personal style and just how you want the scarf to fit with the rest of your look. If you wear a lot of dark colours, for example, you might not want to wear a wide scarf with animals on it, and vice versa!

Rockabilly: If you like your beauty looks to get you noticed, rock a headband with a rockabilly pony or pomp hairstyle. Roll it up and then tie it at the front. Team with a deep red lip for a truly vintage look.

Hippie: For a more relaxed retro look, try a 1970's hippie look. Wrap a silk headscarf around your head, folding it quite wide and pulling it down to just an inch or so above your eyes or exactly to your hairline. Pair it with a loose, wavy hairstyle for maximum hippie-chic. If you prefer to wear your hair up, try this look with a French twist or beehive.

Girly: Those of you with girly tastes and wardrobes to match might want to consider a simple, cute approach to headscarves. Smaller scarves with floral prints, rolled small and worn like a regular headband will tie your whole look together and add extra detail to any hairstyle. For a more XXL look, tie it in a large bow, slightly off-center, at the front. This kind of headscarf style would look really great with this season's windswept updo trend!

Which of these looks will you be trying first?

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