Hairstyles with long bangs - cute haircuts to think about

/ 02.24.2014
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  • Long bangs, yes or no?
  • A short bowl haircut
  • Keep your bangs under control with a few simple styling tips
  • A geometric long bob hairstyle, spotted by street style photographer Justin Wu
  • Long bob with bangs
  • How long is too long where bangs are concerned?
  • Side-swept bangs

Choosing a new hairstyle can be difficult but choosing a new hairstyle with bangs can be even harder. Bangs change everything. They alter the way your haircut frames your face, changing the central focus of your whole look. As if that wasn't enough, bangs can also change your entire styling routine, depending on your hair's natural texture and the kind of fringe haircut you go for. In short, if you're thinking about getting bangs cut in, you need to be absolutely sure that it's the right decision for you.

Above, you will find a gallery full of on-trend hairstyle ideas for long bangs. Unlike shorter styles, the extra length allows a bigger margin for error (and natural hair kinks/cow-licks/curls) and opens up a few more styling options.

Walk the line

If you have naturally straight hair, or are happy to spend the extra time styling to get such a look, a long, straight set of bangs might be perfect for you. Blunt bangs that come to just below your eyebrows look great with short cuts like bowls and pixies to make a real style statement, drawing attention to the cheekbones and eyes.

Top tip - Apply Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Frizz Vanisher Cream to damp hair and then blow-dry, holding the bangs by the ends. This will encourage them to dry super straight and give a smooth, frizz-free finish.

Choppy chic

For a softer look, long choppy bangs are perfect. Thinner at the ends and not blunt at all, this kind of haircut creates a gentler face frame. It's also a great option for anyone with a shorter or narrower forehead.

Top tip - To create a piecey texture and to fix your bangs just where you want them, style with a little Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Deconstructing Gum. A minimal amount will give a slightly tousled effect with great hold.

Your best side

If you haven't had bangs in a while or just aren't sure about keeping some you already have, a side-swept hairstyle can be a great way to see if you really like them or not. Experiment to see which side you like best and take it from there. Wispy, layered bangs that taper out to the sides are perfect as they grow out fast and/or can be tucked behind your ears if you change your mind.

Top tip - After applying Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Iron Straight Heatspray, run a flat iron through side-swept bangs for a smooth finish. Twist out the ends slightly for a romantic, windswept look.

Will you be trying a hairstyle with long bangs anytime soon?

If you want something a little more edgy, check out our guide to micro-bangs.

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