Five easy ponytail hairstyles to try

/ 12.10.2013
Five easy ponytail hairstyles to try
Five easy ponytail hairstyles to try

When you have long hair, there are a lot more hairstyle options open to you, not least in the form of various different ponytails! We've chosen five of our favourite looks for you below, to help you get inspired for a day at the office, a night out or even a trip to the grocery store.

The ponytail is, after all, a classic!

High ponytail

The high ponytail is the most basic and the most comfortable hairstyle for summer. It keeps your hair away from your face and neck and keeps you cool. In the winter, it means you can wear some pretty awesome scarves without making your hair go all knotty and tangled. The best of all worlds?

It's also a simple look to create: gather all your hair (which you will have carefully untangled with the help of a brush or comb beforehand), bring it up to the very top of your head and tie it with a hair tie. You can add a few bobby pins to avoid loose strands from falling out.

Another tip: Use it to draw extra attention to your back in a backless dress

Side ponytail

If you don't fancy a high pony, a side ponytail is a more original look to try. With a side part, a few strands left loose to frame your face and the rest of your hair gathers to one side at the nape of your neck, you will automatically achieve a sweet and romantic look.

Another tip: Play it up all the way with perfect doll-like make-up, for a daytime look or for a night out.

Glam Ponytail

A glam ponytail is the perfect alternative for anyone out there with a rebellious rock'n'roll personality. The quiff at the front brings volume and dynamism to the classic ponytail. If done with style, it will add an edgy attitude to any look.

Another tip: It's the ideal ponytail for a fun night out and looks great with anything glittery. Think mid-70s Bowie.

Ultra-chic ponytail

It's no secret that at any fancy-schmancy event, many ladies compete to sport THE most beautiful hairstyle. Braided crowns, fishtails, ultra-chic chignon, perfect waves... the choices are endless. Play on the simplicity of an ultra-chic ponytail by wrapping a thin strand of hair around your hair tie to disguise it.

Low ponytail

How low can you go? Well, very, if it's ponytails we're still talking about. Though similar to a side pony, this look hangs down your back, allowing you more room to experiment with accessories.

So step out of your shell and have some fun with your hair, especially since these ponytail tips are as easy to do as they are fun to try! Why hesitate?

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