Five bob hairstyles to try

/ 12.09.2013
Short sleek bob
 Short sleek bob

Whether famous or not, the bob is a hairstyle a lot of women have either tried or considered trying at some point. Though often short, it's actually one of the most versatile hairstyles around with a lot of different ways to get it cut and styled.

Going from shoulder-length to chin and even to ear length, there's a whole range to choose from, depending on what you want and what would work best with your face shape.

The short bob

Due to the radical length – or lack thereof – this is one of the most eye-catching bobs. Cut right at the nape of the neck and layered asymmetrically, it ends quite delicately in the shape of a small frame around the face. It can be worn straight and smooth in a 1920s flapper style or carefully mussed for a more texturized look.

The asymmetric bob

This bob is more or less what its name suggests: longer on one side than the other. You could even get an undercut or side-cut on the shorter side if you're feeling brave enough. Growing it out again, however, is another story...

The wavy bob

If you want a look that is wild from root to tip, try a dynamic, high-volume wavy bob with lots of layers. Styled carefully with the right products, this bob is controlled chaos in a nutshell and always sure to make a statement.

The fringe bob

If you tend to go for geometric haircuts, a bob with a fringe could be just the short cut you didn't know you're looking for. Whether you want an indie Cindy style Lego cut or a choppier, more layered look, there's a fringe style out there to suit your face shape.

The long bob

This one is pretty much the opposite of the short bob. With the ends at the front reaching almost to shoulder-length and hair cut shorter at the back, this look creates a sharp frame for your face and works especially well with a fringe.

Is there a bob style you'd like to try?

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