Fishtail braid vs. regular braid - vote for your favorite

/ 12.26.2013
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Fishtail or regular, which braid style is your favourite?

Choosing between different braid hairstyles is becoming a more interesting process than ever before thanks to the rise of the fishtail, the perpetual hegemony of the French braid and all manner of different mussed and accessorized braid styles. On the other hand, the classic "regular" braid remains a favourite, perhaps due to its simplicity and the super easy braiding technique it requires.

The big question is: is the aforementioned fishtail braid as good as - or better than - a classic look? Cast your vote above to find out!

A bone to pick...

The thing with the fishtail braid is that it can be kind of tricky to get your head around at first, literally! The two-strand bone structure requires weaving one smaller section of hair from under one side and then under the other. This means that there are a lot of things you need to pay attention to as you master the technique.

It's definitely worth the practice time, however, because once you've got it figured it all out, this braiding technique becomes a little bit like riding a bicycle: you never forget!

Reliable yet versatile

Regular braids are always a great go-to hairstyle. Depending on the kind of texture you choose they can look romantic, strict, sporty, sleek... the list goes on. They're a little easier to do on smaller amounts of hair than fishtails, making them perfect for braided headbands, pigtails and mini-braids.

Adding extra detail to a regular braid, whether with accessories, teasing or more braids in different sizes, makes it very easy to create a look that is totally unique.

The verdict?

Both fishtail and regular braids can be pretty, practical and very versatile. This means that choosing between them is virtually impossible.

Help us out by voting for your favorite? Thanks.

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