Find the Best Haircut for Your Face Shape

/ 12.04.2015
Find the Right Haircut for Your Face Shape
Find the Right Haircut for Your Face Shape

Finding the best haircut is tricky. Haircuts are all about shape and symmetry. Therefore, apart from the natural type and texture of your hair, you must also weigh in the shape of your face to ensure that your coiffage frames and flatters the best features of your visage while downplaying those attributes that you don't wish to highlight. In this article, we'll tell you how to find the best haircuts for your face shape. However, before that, take a moment to determine the shape of your face by sweeping all your hair off your face and checking these basic guidelines below:

Round Faces – The length of your face should approximately be the same as the width, with your forehead and jawline curving smoothly around the corners.

Oval Faces – The length of your face should be one and a half times the width of your face. The forehead and the jaw should be of the same width too.

Square Faces – The length and the width of your face should be almost equal, with the jaw being a little angular.

Long Faces – Your face should be longer than it is wide and should have a long and straight cheek line.

Heart-Shaped Faces – Your face should be wider around the forehead and cheekbones while being narrower along the jawline.

Remember, your face might not be an exact match of any of the descriptions mentioned above, but it will certainly resemble one criterion more than the others. Now that you know the shape of your face, let's take a look at the best haircuts that will flatter it:

Pixie for Round Faces
Pixie for Round Faces

Round Face Shapes

Short Pixie with Spiky Top Layers – Short Hair

A short pixie downplays the roundness of your face, while the choppy top layers will help to create an illusion of height and volume. Think Ginnifer Goodwin!

This short, androgynous haircut works best with straight and wavy hair textures. Avoid it if you have tight curls. To style your hair, work in a tiny amount of deconstructing gum through your tresses and use your fingertips to create random spikes in all directions, starting at your hairline and going all the way back to the crown of your head.

Wavy Long Bob
Wavy Long Bob

Asymmetrical Long Bobs – Medium-Length Hair

A good mix of lengths and uneven trims play a major role in making a round face look proportionate. Go for an asymmetrical long bob with longer front and side hair sections. A haircut that hits the shoulders or the collarbone will make your neck appear longer and counterbalance the roundness of your face. Wear your lob with a deep side part and pair it with side-swept bangs to create angles and make your cheeks appear less wide.

Lend your long bob a sleek finish by spritzing your hair with some strand-smoother serum spray. The product will help to make your tresses soft, smooth and shiny.

Long Layers for Round Faces
Long Layers for Round Faces

Long layers – Long Hair

Long, layered haircuts work really well for women with round face shapes. For best results, the layers should start at chin-length and go all the way down to the ends of your hair. This will help to take volume off the sides and add it to the bottom section of your tresses, where you ideally want it. The feathery trims on the sides will help to create angles around your cheekbones and make them look narrower.

However, to make this haircut work for you, you must prevent your tresses from becoming frizzy, as that would make your mane look big and poofy. Work in a tiny amount of frizz vanisher cream through your hair so that it looks sleek and well-behaved at all times.

Pixie Hairstyle for Oval Face Shapes
Pixie Hairstyle for Oval Face Shapes

Oval Face Shapes

All Styles of Pixies – Short Hair

Yes – just about any style of pixie works well with an oval face shape. Whether you're looking for a close-cropped pixie or an asymmetrical pixie with side swept bangs – just get out there and get your hair chopped the way you fancy!

Perhaps the only thing to bear in mind while getting your hair trimmed is avoiding a style that covers up your face. Dodge any hairstyle with pointy or feathery face-framing trims; they will conceal your cheeks and make your face appear longer or square.

You can style your pixie in so many different ways! Just rub a tiny amount of styling gel through your hair to create a neat and slick, office-appropriate look or style individual hair sections with some deconstructing gum to create a windswept effect for a party.

Classic Chin-Length Bob
Classic Chin-Length Bob

Classic Chin-Length Bob – Medium-Length Hair

A classic bob and an oval face are a match made in heaven! This haircut actually shows off a perfect oval face shape along with all the other gorgeous features, including the eyes, the cheekbones, the jawline and the neck.

This bob haircut allows you to embrace the natural texture of your hair and requires minimum styling. Besides, if you're bored with your hairstyle, you can always add some texture to it and switch your look every now and then!

Soft Layers Without Bangs
Soft Layers Without Bangs

Soft Layers, No Bangs – Long Hair

Since oval faces are the most proportionate, it only makes sense to go for a neat haircut that gives us a chance to flaunt your gorgeous visage and features. Soft layers are a great choice for those with long hair and an oval face shape. They look quite feminine and are low-maintenance. The absence of bangs helps to keep the look neat and tidy, without veiling the forehead or the eyebrows.

An easy way to keep your layered hairstyle looking fresh and gorgeous is to take good care of it and prevent the occurrence of frizz. Use a good quality frizz vanisher hair cream to keep your strands soft and your hairstyle shapely and manageable.

Short Asymmetrical Bob
Short Asymmetrical Bob

Square Face Shapes

Short Asymmetrical Bob – Short Hair

A fantastic cut for women with square face shapes, a short asymmetrical bob with wispy, face-framing hair sections helps to soften a square jawline. Side-swept bangs add a diagonal movement and help to minimize the strong, angular look of your face. Go for concave haircuts with a little height at the crown of your head for an chic, on trend look.

If you have thin hair, you can make your tresses look voluminous by spritzing the roots with some high-lift creation hairspray. The product will give an instant boost to your strands and give the impression of a fuller mane. Alternatively, you can work in a tiny quantity of volume inject mousse through your hair and let the product work its magic to make your lovely locks appear thick and lush!

Shag Hairstyles
Shag Hairstyles

Shag Haircuts – Medium-Length Hair

The shag is by far the best-suited haircut for women with square face shapes, no matter what their age. The sides sections are usually soft and wispy and frame a square face beautifully, while leveling the jawline. Graduated layers help to add volume and movement to the mane, which draw attention away from the face shape and redirect it towards the hairstyle. You can get this piecey haircut with our without bangs.

The best way to style your shag haircut is to spritz some strand smoother serum spray through your tresses and comb them through with your fingers to create a feathery look, without making the hair sections look chunky or jagged.

Long Textured Haircuts with Side Swept Bangs
Long Textured Haircuts with Side Swept Bangs

Long Textured Haircuts – Long Hair

If you have long hair and are looking for a perfect hairstyle to suit your square face shape, get your hair trimmed in layers and couple it with long, side-swept bangs that hit the cheekbones. This haircut works really well with wavy and curly hair. However, if your hair is straight, induce some texture and movement in it by creating loose waves with open (flipped out) ends.

Mist your hair with some heat protection hairspray; divide it into 6-8 vertical sections and curl each section loosely on a medium-barreled curling iron to create gorgeous waves. Run your fingers through your hair to break the waves and get a more natural-looking texture. Spritz some strong hold hairspray all over your hair and you're good to go!

Angular Bob with Side-Swept Bangs
 Angular Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Long Face Shapes

Angular Bob – Short Hair

An angular bob with short, chin-hugging hair sections look fabulous on women with long face shapes. Even better, pair your bob with bangs to cover up a part of your forehead and make your face appear less elongated.

This haircut works well with straight, wavy and curly hair, so you can adapt it to your natural hair texture. Or, pick up a curling iron and add some loose waves, crimps or soft curls to build some drama!

The beauty of any angular bob hairstyle lies in its shape. So, don't forget to set it for longer wear by spritzing some strong hold hairspray before heading out of the house!

Choppy Bob with Bangs
Choppy Bob with Bangs

Choppy Bob – Medium-Length Hair

A choppy bob hairstyle is perfect for those with long face shapes and medium-length hair. Ask your hairstylist to trim your hair in random layers to lend a piecey finish to your mane. This will help to create an illusion of volume and draw attention away from a long face shape. Since bangs are in this season, get a sexy eyebrow-skimming fringe that will camouflage your forehead but keep your eyes the center of attention at all times.

There are many quick and chic ways to style a choppy bob. Scrunch in some deconstructing gum through your hair to add definition to individual hair sections and spritz some fine hold hairspray to set your style for longer wear.

Textured Hair with Bangs
Textured Hair with Bangs

Textured Hair Long Hair

Any long hairstyle with lots of body and movement looks great on a long face shape. The more the volume, the better you'll look! From loose waves to sculpted curls to crimped hair, go with any texture you like and pair your hairstyle with a fringe to shorten the overall length of your face.

If you have straight long hair, you can add texture to it by creating tousled waves or soft curls. It's important to prep your hair before heat styling, so make sure you mist your tresses with a good heat protectant hairspray before blow-drying or curling them.

Pixie for Heart-Shaped Faces
Pixie for Heart-Shaped Faces

Heart-Shaped Faces

Pixie – Short Hair

A pixie haircut with medium-cropped sides and back and longer top hair is perfect for women with heart-shaped faces. The long, choppy top hair helps to break up a wide forehead and draw attention away from a pronounced jawline, making your face appear more proportionate.

This pixie hairstyle is best suited for straight to wavy hair. Avoid this haircut if you have natural, corkscrew curls, since the haircut will look top-heavy and make your jawline look exaggerated.

To style your pixie, apply a tiny amount of hair fix putty to create a slightly tousled or windswept effect in the top hair sections.

Shoulder-Length Bob with Bangs
Shoulder-Length Bob with Bangs

Shoulder-Length Bob – Medium Length Hair

If you have medium-length hair, go for a shoulder-length bob haircut to divert attention from a narrow chin and make your heart-shaped face look proportionate. Add a sweet set of sleek, side-swept bangs to contour a wide forehead and draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones.

It doesn't matter whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair, as long as the lower layers of your bob have some volume, you can totally pull-off this haircut with your heart-shaped face.

Long Layers
Long Layers

Long Layers with Face-framing Sections – Long Hair

If you have a heart-shaped face and are looking for a haircut that will frame your face beautifully and set off a narrow chin, ask your hairstylist to trim your hair in long layers with feathery face-framing ends. Wear your hair with a middle part to create an illusion of proportionate face length.

This trim works with any texture of hair – long, wavy or curly. In fact, a slightly textured hairstyle involving loose waves or soft curls helps to soften up the overall look. For a quick and easy on-trend hairstyle, spritz your damp hair with some tousle waves hairspray and scrunch it with your fingers to create a sexy, beachy finish. Set the texture for longer wear by misting your tresses with some hairspray.

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