Fake a short haircut with a wet-look curly quiff

/ 06.02.2014
Want shorter hair? Just pretend!
Want shorter hair? Just pretend!

If you're thinking about getting a new haircut but aren't quite feeling brave enough to make the cut just yet, you might be happy to know that faking a short hairstyle is actually a lot easier than it seems. Faux bobs and bangs are two prime examples, as is this gorgeous curly quiff style. As pomps go, it's a statement look, but the texture helps to soften the silhouette, which in turn makes the whole thing surprisingly wearable.

If you would like to try this hairstyle on your own locks, simply follow the tutorial below...

What you need:
Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Deconstructing Gum
Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT High Lift Creation Spray

Step one: Section off the top of your hair and clip it up while you work on the sides and back.

Step two: Smooth a small amount of Deconstructing Gum over the sides then comb the hair over, pinning it back into a French twist or small bun at the back. Add more gum as needed, just don't overload your hair. Gunky isn't a good look...

Step three: Let down the top section then spray the roots with High Lift Creation Spray. Back-comb the hair a little then curl it using a small or medium-barrel curling iron.

Step four: With a small amount of Deconstructing Gum on your fingertips, shape the curled hair and pin where necessary to create a pomp. Make sure you leave a few curls loose so they can fall down over your forehead, giving the look a slight "teddy boy" feel.

What do you think? Will this style be the motivation you need to go short for real?

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