Easy summer hairstyles: Blake Lively's loose side ponytail

/ 05.12.2015
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  •  Blake Lively's loose side ponytail 
 Effortless beauty never looked so good! You could rock this hairstyle everywhere from the office to the beach, so what are you waiting for?
  •  Side detail 
 This simple side ponytail hairstyle is really easy to recreate and the results are breathtaking. Try pairing it with summer florals like Blake for a cute, warm weather look.
  •  Back detail 
 A few pins at the back hold this whimsical style in place, so it's sturdier than it looks!

There's no one quite like Blake Lively when it comes to effortless summer hairstyle inspiration, and she really knocked it out of the park with this gorgeous side ponytail! This hairstyle is tied so subtly that you hardly notice the pony at all, and the wavy texture is, in a word, beautiful!

If you would like to recreate Blake's hairstyle on your own mane, all you need to do is follow the tutorial below!

How to style it

Step 1

Starting with damp hair, spritz Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Tousle Waves Spray throughout.

Step 2

Dry your hair in twisted sections to set the strands into loose, natural looking waves.

Step 3

Once dried, re-spray your hair and use a 1 ½" curling iron to create some more waves through the lengths of your hair if necessary.

Step 4

Part your hair slightly to one side with a wide-tooth comb. This will give you an accurate line without compromising the tousled texture with a brush.

Step 5

Gather your hair over the opposite shoulder to your part. At the back, pin the hair messily in place so it sits to one side when you let go of the ends.

Step 6

Tie the lengths of your hair into a loose, low pony, allowing some pieces to fall out around your face.

Step 7

Wrap a small piece of hair around the hair tie to camouflage it, then complete the look with plenty of Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Bold Control Hairspray.

Products needed

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