Easy last minute Halloween hairstyles: get scary hair, fast!

/ 10.31.2014
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  • Halloween hairstyles
  • Halloween hairstyles
  • Halloween hairstyles
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For those of you who love the thrill of a last minute costume decision, we have some easy (and fast!) hairstyle ideas for you to try this Halloween.

High volume

Whipping up a sizable storm with your hair is great for anything retro or zombie-like when you're in a hurry.

All you need to do is spray dry hair with Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT High Lift Creation Spray, then tease it with a fine-tooth comb. Once you're happy with the extra volume, shape and sculpt as desired. We love the Bride of Frankenstein look, and an undead updo is a very simple yet effective option.

Wet look

Wet look hair might be the hottest hair trend in the fashion world since hair itself, but it's kind of freaky when it's REALLY wet. It's also very quick to style.

To get the look, work plenty of Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Deconstructing Gum through your hair, then ruffle, scrunch and arrange it however you like. The bedraggled 'girl from The Ring' look is always a winner or you could go for a scary mermaid look.


A sleek superhero ponytail is another super easy Halloween look. It's just like preparing for a workout, only there's candy... which is awesome.

Apply Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Iron Straight Heatspray to your hair, run a flat iron through it, then gather it up into a high, very swishable ponytail. Tack down any flyaways with hairspray, grab your cape and go!

Just remember, if all else fails, you can scrawl the word 'book' across your face...

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