Easy and Awesome Halloween Hairstyles for Women

/ 10.29.2015
Halloween Hairstyles for Women
Halloween Hairstyles for Women

With Halloween just around the corner, it's time to whip out the spookiest hairstyles to sport on the night of horrors. Whether you're attending a costume party or hosting your own, here are some easy and awesome Halloween hairstyles that you can make to complete your killer look.

Channel your inner stylist for some howling Halloween fun and follow these 'spook-torials' to create some innovative hairstyles to set the mood for Allhallows Eve:

Glamour Monster Hairstyle: Bride of Frankenstein
  Glamour Monster Hairstyle: Bride of Frankenstein

1. Petrifying Bride of Frankenstein Hairstyle

When it comes to choosing the most glamorous scary character from our favorite horror movies, the Bride of Frankenstein wins hands-down. This Halloween, recreate the character's big 30s style horror hair and make heads turn at every costume party!

To create this hairstyle, you will need a couple of hair donuts, depending on the length and texture of your hair.

(If you have long, thick and curly hair, just take one big-sized hair donut; for medium-length straight or wavy hair, you'll require at least 3 medium-sized hair donuts to build a perfect beehive.)

Plus, you'll need lots of bold control hairspray, a curling iron, some bobby pins, a fine-toothed hairbrush and some baby powder (to lend the greyish finish)

Gather around 2-3 inches of your hair around the crown and tie it up in a high ponytail. Slide all the hair donuts down the pony and secure with a couple of bobby pins. We'll use this as a base to create a tall beehive.

Next, curl all of your front hair. When done, lift up each piece, give it a good tease using your fine-toothed comb and pin it up on the hair donut, using bobby pins. Once all the front hair sections are pinned up, rake up all the loose hair at the back, twist it and secure it on the donuts with bobby pins.

Spritz your Bride of Frankenstein hairstyle generously with a bold control hairspray and to finish off the look, brush some baby powder along the sides of your hair and create a grayish streak!

Scray Zombie Hairstyle
Scray Zombie Hairstyle

2. Scary Zombie Hair

A big, scary zombie hair not only stands out in the crowd at a costume party but is also a perfect Halloween hairstyle for 2nd or 3rd day hair since you'll need to wash, deep condition and detangle your hair the next day.

To create this hairstyle, spritz your roots generously with high-lift creation hairspray to give your hair a boost. Lift individual hair sections back brush them using a fine-toothed comb to create volume. The fuzzier your hair the better it'll look!

When your hair is as big and ruffled as you want, set the style by spritzing some bold control hairspray all over your tresses.

For best (visual) effects, pair your scary zombie hair with a pale face dabbed with heaps of baby powder, pale lips and light eyebrows.

Creepy Wet Look Hairstyle
 Creepy Wet Look Hairstyle

3. Creepy Wet Look Hair (The Ring)

Wet look hair might reign the Fashion Week runways, but a REALLY wet look brings spine-chilling images of Samara Morgan from the horror movie The Ring to mind. Which is why, it is a perfect hairstyle for Halloween (*evil laughter*)!

This creepy wet look hair is super easy to create too! Dab loads of styling gel along the lengths of your hair and use your fingers to drag it down in a poker-straight style. Wear your wet look hair with a blackish-blue under eye shadow and nude lips to complete your Halloween horror look.


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