Cute & Cozy: 12 Hairstyles to Wear with Hats this Fall

/ 11.20.2015
Cool Hairstyles to Wear With Warm Hats this Fall
Cool Hairstyles to Wear With Warm Hats this Fall

Come fall and out come the hats too! While wearing a hat becomes an absolute necessity in the chilly fall weather, it poses all kinds of hairstyling challenges. The key to rocking hats in fall-winter is to adapt your hairstyle to match the style of your beret or beanie, so that you stay cushy and your tresses look super good underneath your warm chapeau.

Here are some chic hat-friendly hairstyles for all hair lengths that will keep you cozy and make you look cute this fall:

1. Grunge Bob

Since you don't wash your hair that frequently in fall-winter, a grunge hairstyle with lots of grip and lived-in texture is ideal to pull off under a beanie or a bobble hat. Besides, short, grungy bob haircuts don't require detailed styling either!

Just work in a tiny amount of deconstructing gum through your hair, rake it with your fingers to spread the product, put on your hat and you're good to go! The best thing about this hairstyle is that it'll look chic even when you take your hat off.

Sleek Long Bob
Sleek Long Bob

2. Sleek Long Bob

As one of the most popular hat hairstyles for fall, sleek, long bobs with face-framing hair sections look incredibly stylish and suit almost everyone! They keep your hair in control and are easy to manage too.

This bob style works best with straight to slightly wavy hair. Mist your strands with some strand-smoother serum spray and brush them in place with a fine-toothed comb to lend a soft glossy finish to your hairstyle.

This hairstyle is ideal for all face shapesround, oval, square or long – and could be your safest bet if you want to rock an effortless fall hairstyle under your beanie, beret or bonnet.

Soft Waves with a Hat
Soft Waves with a Hat

3. Soft Waves

If you don't want any hair drama under your hat, just go for soft waves. This 'as-is' hairstyle requires minimum doing-up and looks great under trappers, herringbone, beanies, berets, Cossack hats, furry pillbox hats and fedoras.

If you have naturally straight hair, you can create this pretty, hat-friendly fall hairstyle with your medium-length to long hair in 15 minutes. Mist your tresses with some tousle waves hairspray and twist chunky sections on a medium-barreled curling iron; spritz some hairspray to set the soft wavy effect and comb the pretty curves with your fingers to lend them a natural-looking finish.

Tousled Waves with a Hat
Tousled Waves with a Hat

4. Tousled Waves

Contrary to softer waves, tousled waves amp up the drama in your hair and make it look super sexy and vibrant under a hat. If you're not fond of plain-Jane looks and want to play up your wavy hair, this is the hairstyle to go for!

To create tousled waves, spritz your hair generously with tousle waves hairspray and blow-dry your hair in small, twisted sections. When done, run your fingers gently through your hair to break up the tight, coils and unleash gorgeous, tousled waves.

With plenty of volume, movement and high definition, this hairstyle will surely make your hair look far from boring. In fact, the textured effect starting from the rim of your hat will lend you a vogueish appeal!

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5. Mermaid Waves

Take texture-play to the next level by creating gorgeously rippled mermaid waves in your hair and rocking a runway-inspired hairstyle under your hat! The best thing about this fall hairstyle is that you can create it without any heat styling!

Before styling your hair, massage your tresses with a tiny amount of frizz remover cream to make the strands smooth and frizz free. Next, divide your hair into 6-8 vertical sections and plait each section into a loose regular braid. Spritz the braids with some fine hold hairspray and untie them after 20-30 minutes to reveal beautiful mermaid waves cascading down your back. Spritz the pretty curves with some strong hold hairspray to set their texture for longer wear.

Low Ponytail
Low Ponytail

6. Low Ponytail

If you don't want to wear your hair loose, a ponytail is by far the easiest hairstyles to pull under a hat. To make sure that isn't crushed under your hat, secure it at the nape of your neck.

The good thing about a low ponytail is that it takes 2 minutes to create with straight, wavy or curly hair and looks good on everyone. Depending on the length of your hair, alternate between a regular low ponytail, an XXL volume pony and a twisted pony and sport a new look every day!

Chunky Side Braid
Chunky Side Braid

7. Chunky Side Braid

Hat hair never looked so good! If you don't care whether your hairstyle gets crushed under a hat or doesn't look prim-and-proper, this chunky side braid will fit your bill perfectly!

To create this sassy high-volume braided hairstyle, gather all your hair at the side of your neck and give it a gentle tease to create additional volume. Divide your tresses into three equal sections and plait them loosely into a regular braid. Secure the end with elastic and pull the plaits gently with your fingers to create a mussed-up, chunky finish.

Wear a close-fitting hat of your choice and pull out a few wisps of face-framing hair to lend a soft, carefree touch to your hairstyle!

Baby Braids
Baby Braids

8. Baby Braids

Who said you can't pull a runway-inspired hairstyle when it gets cold in your neck of the woods and wearing a hat is an absolute necessity? Plait your hair into baby braids to look chic while staying warm!

You can plait all your hair into multiple baby braids or create just a few to add texture and detailing to your loose hairstyle. You can wear these pigtails with or without bangs and any hair part of your choice.

There's yet another advantage of baby braids – they leave behind a gorgeous crimped effect in your hair when untied and therefore make for an awesome day-to-night hairstyle! Spritzing some strong hold hairspray on your baby braids will ensure that you get a well-defined crimped texture upon untying the plaits – all without any heat styling!


9. Bangs

There's no denying the fact that bangs look super cute under a hat. No matter how you decide to wear your hair under a beanie or a bobble hat, a fringe will amp up your style quotient manifold. However, there's an important point to bear in mind while going for a hairstyle with bangs to sport under a hat – since the chapeau will cover the top and most likely, the back of your head, make sure that your bangs don't get crushed under the hat. Hats have a tendency to push the fringe down by crushing their bounce (that you create with a round brush!) and making them look flat.

The best way to avoid this is to go for medium-length bangs that don't plunge as far as your eyebrows and setting them with some strong hold hairspray so that they retain their bouncy texture throughout the day.

You can style your bangs in multiple ways to create a beautiful fringed hairstyle-hat combination. Sweep it to one side, wear it with a middle-part or let it fade out into longer sections of face-framing hair – there are so many chic options to try!

Wet-Look Hair
Wet-Look Hair

10. Wet Look Hair

Wet look hairstyles look quite classy by themselves. Slicked to perfection or textured unceremoniously, worn loose or tied-up in an updo – they can be styled in myriad ways. When paired with a hat, they instantly evoke a retro feel and remind us of the glamorous hairdos of yore.

Wet look hairstyles have made a big comeback this season; if you haven't slicked your hair before, now is the perfect time to try the trend!

Run a tiny amount of hair gel through your damp or dry tresses before styling your hair to lend a glossy finish to your hairdo. The product will also help to avoid the build-up of static in your hair, allowing you to wear a hat of your choice without worrying about the flyways popping-up.

Side-Swept Loose Hair
Side-Swept Loose Hair

11. Side-Swept Loose Hair

Side-swept hair makes for a stylish hat-friendly party hairstyle. Ideal for medium-length to long hair, it is one of the most popular hairstyles spotted on the red carpet and suits almost all women, irrespective of their face shape.

Although loose, side-swept hair looks best with added texture, such as sculpted curls or loose waves, you can certainly tone it down to your liking, if you're not after a glitzy look and are looking for something a little more cool-casual.

To prevent your loose hair from becoming frizzy or getting entangled, work in a tiny amount of frizz remover cream through your strands before gathering them at the side of your neck. Tuck in a couple of bobby pins to secure the side-swept section and put on your favorite beanie to complete the cool look!

12. Low Chignon

A low chignon serves the dual purpose of style and comfort. With your hair tied at the nape or on the side of your neck, you can wear a swish hat with relative ease, without bothering about your updo getting mussed under your headpiece.

Pair a beautiful low chignon with a close-fitting and structured chapeau such as a cloche, a pillbox hat or bonnets and make you own style statement this fall-winter!

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