Choppy Bob: A Must Try Haircut For Every Woman

/ 11.06.2015
Choppy bob hairstyle
Choppy bob hairstyle

Whether you're planning to cut your hair or thinking about giving your short hairstyle a trendy upgrade, a choppy bob would be right up your alley! Choppy bobs are in major trend these days and are perfect for anyone who wants to look bang on style without trying out something too radical. Plus, there are many ways to style them too!

They are fun!

A choppy bob has plenty of layers and dimension that lend your hair a character of its own. The asymmetrical pieces also induce an element of fun to your regular wash-and-go hairstyle and show the fun side of your personality.

They suit all women!

Choppy bobs can be trimmed to suit any face shapelong, oval, round or square. You can wear them sleek and straight or textured and teased – whatever suits your mood! In fact, they are ideal for women with fine hair, since the varied layers and interesting lines help to create a sense of volume, making the mane look full and gorgeous. At the same time, they also work well with thick hair; feathery trims slash the bulk out of thick strands, making the hairstyle look light and shapely.

There are So Many Ways to Style Your Choppy Bob!

- Tousle it: Spritz your damp hair with some tousle waves hairspray, scrunch it with your fingers and let it air dry to add a wavy effect to your bob.

- Flat-iron it: Mist your tresses with some heat protectant hairspray and flat iron them to create a sleek, straight bob hairstyle.

- Curl it: You can spritz some blowout hairspray on your damp hair and use a large- barreled hairbrush to create sculpted curves in your bob.

- Side swep it: When you're short on time and nothing else comes to mind, just trace a soft side part, sweep your face-framing hair section over your forehead and wear you choppy bob au naturel!

So, what do you think? Would you sport a choppy bob this fall-winter?

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