Bridal hair tutorial: floral fishtail braid

/ 07.15.2014
Fishtail braid
Fishtail braid

Wedding preparation is all about making a lot of decisions, a lot of very important decisions, that will impact the way you remember the happiest day of your life. No pressure then! From potential venues to guests to food to bridesmaid's shoes, there's a lot to think about. The dress, of course, is the biggest deal of all. Apart from your undying love for your future life partner, it's basically the focal point of the whole day. Why? Because you'll be in it and you will look amazing!

Once you've chosen 'the one,' you're going to need a hairstyle that can do it justice. Cue this romantic fishtail braid. As you can see, it looks beautiful with a few flowers trailing along the side and is simple enough to make sure the dress remains center stage.

If you would like to try this style out ahead of your big day to see whether it's right for you, simply follow the tutorial below!

Step one

Brush your hair through before you start then part your hair on one side using a tail comb for accuracy.

Step two

Sweep all of your hair over one shoulder then separate your bangs and some large pieces at the front.

Step three

Roll and pin the separated hair up along the side of your head, making sure the line trails down toward the nape of your neck.

Step four

Gather the rest of your hair as if you were going to tie it in a loose side pony then split it in half. Take a small piece of hair from underneath the left half, pass it over the top of the left half then pass it under the right half and hold it there. Next, take a piece from the right side, pass it over the right half then pass it under the left half. Keep going until you reach the ends.

Top tip - Tying the hair loosely before you braid can make the fishtail easier to hold onto while you do it. At the ends, remove the tie from the top and use it to secure the bottom of the braid.

Step five

Spray your whole style liberally with Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Bold Control Hairpsray, attach your flowers, and you're all set!

What do you think? Could this be the look you say "I do" with?

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