Braided updo tutorial for medium + long hair

/ 12.16.2014
Braided updo for long hair
Braided updo for long hair

Braided updos can seem like intimidating hairstyles to master, but they don't have to be, promise! This simple French braided chignon is actually quite easy to recreate, even with long hair! To find out how to get the look, just follow the tutorial below.

How to style it

Step 1
Starting with damp hair, apply Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Frizz Vanisher Cream, then blow-dry it straight using a paddle brush to guide the hair.

Step 2
Brush your hair through, then section off the top layers of hair as if you were going to create a half-up hairstyle. Divide the section into three pieces. Place the righthand piece into the center, then the lefthand piece, as you would with a normal braid.

Step 3
The next time you place a piece into the center of the braid, gather some loose hair with it, and add it to the braid. Do the same on the other side and repeat the process until all of your hair has been incorporated and braid the hair quite tightly as you go.

Step 4
Keep braiding your hair normally all the way to the very ends, then roll the plait inwards, back toward the nape of your neck.

Step 5
Secure the rolled-up braid to the back of your head with bobby pins. Slide some pins underneath from the sides and insert a few more from above to get the best hold.

Step 6
Complete your finished updo with Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Weather Control Hairspray to keep frizz and flyaways at bay. All set!

Products needed

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