Braided bangs + how to get them

/ 02.17.2014
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  • Models at Nanette Lepore's Fall 2014 show
  • Models at the Creatures of the Wind Fall 2014 show
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Braided crowns and French rope-twist braids all use braided bangs, a technique that appeared a couple of times during New York Fashion Week Fall 2014. It's perhaps a little too soon to know for sure whether braided bangs have earned "trend" status yet but it's certainly a look that is snowballing in popularity right now, as are braids in general.

As seen on the runway at Nanette Lepore and Creatures of the Wind, among others, this kind of hairstyle might just be sticking around for a little while.

How to braid your bangs

Any kind of braid technique gets easier the more you practice, and the same goes for braiding your bangs. Essentially, it's just a kind of French braid, only right on the edge of your hairline.

Step one: Begin by defining a deep side part, using a tail comb.

Step two: Take a small section of hair from where you parted your hair and divide it into three.

Step three: Start braiding along your hairline, adding hair to the section of hair closest to your forehead each time you cross the sections over.

Step four: Continue braiding all the way along to your ear. At this point, you can keep braiding a small plait like the models at Nanette Lepore or keep going for a large side braid or braided crown.

Step five: Secure with a hair elastic and fix with Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Bold Control Hairspray.

Change up your texture

For a more texturized, romantic look, a wavy hair texture is best. With Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Tousle Waves Spray, this is super easy to achieve. Apply it generously onto damp hair and then take a section of hair - about half an inch or slightly bigger - and twist it. While still holding the twisted hair, blow-dry it and then finger-comb once dry to reveal some loose, relaxed waves. Repeat until all of your hair is wavy, then respray and scrunch with your hands. After that, you're ready to start braiding.

For even more detail, you could also consider wearing flowers in your hair. There are a few different ways to go floral, also seen at New York Fashion Week!

So, will you be braiding your bangs this spring?

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