Blonde vs. brunette: which color for voluminous wavy hair?

/ 07.21.2015
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Which hair color do you like best for big waves?

Some hairstyles look gorgeous with every hair color imaginable, like the two voluminous, wavy 'dos above. The curls help to catch the light in all the right places, adding depth to the overall look. But, if you absolutely had to choose, would you go for a blonde or brunette look?

Blonde waves

Ever since icons like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly turned blonde into an It color, straw-colored strands have never really gone out of vogue- think Madonna, Blake Lively and Daenerys Targaryen to name but a few. Just remember that, while there is a blonde shade for everyone, it might take quite a lot of work to reach it if you have darker hair to begin with.

Top tip

Get a good idea of the kind of blonde hue you would like, gather some photos, and talk through your options with a colorist. They'll be able to explain what kind of processes your hair will need to go through, how long it will take, and the kind of maintenance it'll require afterward- all of which will help you decide if going blonde is right for you.

Brunette waves

Rich, brunette waves are sultry and glamorous, and easier to maintain if you're starting with fairly dark strands. Even if you want to go darker than your natural hair color, the process isn't quite as harsh or time consuming as stripping the color from roots to ends with bleach.

Top tip

Colored hair is way more likely to become dry, and is thus more vulnerable to damage, breakage and split ends. To reduce the risk of all of those, keep your hair well conditioned and make sure you don't skip any trims.

The verdict

Both colors are absolutely gorgeous, and thanks to the advent of ombre hair, you don't actually have to choose if you don't want to...

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