Blake Lively hair tutorial: tousled fishtail braid

/ 05.08.2014
So, you want Blake Lively's hair? Welcome to the club! We have cookies...
So, you want Blake Lively's hair? Welcome to the club! We have cookies...

Just days after dazzling everyone and their mom on the red carpet at the Met Gala, Blake Lively attended yet another red carpet event with yet another gorgeous hairstyle. This time around it was a Chime For Change event at Macy's in NYC and Blake's hair was artfully tucked and twisted into a pretty fishtail braid.

Unsurprisingly, Blake doesn't actually need a show-stopping hairstyle to look incredible and, to be honest, we're still totally blown away by those Hollywood waves at the Met... there's only so much wow-factor a beauty writer can take!

Having said that, this fishtail is very pretty and, unlike Hollywood waves, we lowly non-celebs could definitely rock it in the real world. Let's take it for a spin...

What you need:

Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Tousle Waves Spray
Blow-dryer (if you don't have time to air dry)
Bobby pins
Hair tie
Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Bold Control Hairspray

Step one: Start by misting your hair with Tousle Waves Spray. If you have time, just comb it through using a wide-tooth comb and let it air dry in a loose low bun. If not, blow-dry it in large twisted sections then comb it through when dry.

Step two: Part your hair on your favorite side with your hands then sweep all of your hair over one shoulder.

Step three: Next, braid the hair all the way down using a fishtail technique. To do this, split the hair you're going to braid into two halves. Take a small section from behind one half, pull it over the top and tuck it under the opposite side. Do the same on the other side and repeat all the way down. This can be a little fiddly but you'll get the hang of it with some practice.

Top tip – You might find it easier to loosely secure the hair into a side pony before you start. This will hold the hair in place while you braid, then all you have to do is take the elastic off and use it to tie the ends once you're done.

Step four: Pull each side of the braid outward with your hands and pin back any major sections of hair that have fallen out with bobby pins.

Step five: Mist your style all over with Bold Control Hairspray to finish.

Happy styling!

Products needed

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