Big, voluminous curls are in. Are you?

/ 01.03.2014
Volume is this season's must-have!
Volume is this season's must-have!

Voluminous curls are set to be a big trend this year, and it's no wonder- classic curls never go out of style. Whether you're after tight ringlet curls, or big bouncy waves , we've got the best tips and tricks to make your voluminous style last all day long.

Give me a ring(let)!

The first tip to give your hair volume is to blow-dry your hair upside down (for even more volume, use a diffuser). Wash your hair with a volume boosting shampoo, comb out and then towel dry. This technique works best when hair is nearly dry, not damp. Apply a heat-protecting spray to your ends, then tip your head upside down and blast with the diffuser to create natural waves and volume. Another trick is to scrunch a mousse into your hair and roots to really boost the hair and give it body. Try using mousse on wet hair before blow-drying upside down for maximum effects.

Another way to add volume to curly hair is to gently backcomb the roots. The best way to do this, is to section off the top layer of the hair and gather the lower section into a loose ponytail. Then, on the top half, backcomb the roots of the hair around the crown to pump up the volume. Try using a thin bristle brush to do this. Let down the lower ponytail and gently comb the hair into place, to hide the backcombed sections.

A great alternative to backcombing is crimping. Similar to backcombing, this focuses on creating volume at the root of the hair. Crimp the under-sections of the hair around the crown area and smooth the top layer over these sections to make them appear more voluminous. To finish off your style, spray a strong-hold non-sticky hairspray all over the hair to make your curls last as long as possible.

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