Best Halloween Hairstyles for Men Inspired by Popular Movies

/ 10.29.2015
Halloween Hairstyles for Men Inspired by Popular Movies
  Halloween Hairstyles for Men Inspired by Popular Movies

As excitement builds up for Halloween, why should men lag behind in the hair and costume department? We bring you six Halloween hairstyles for men inspired by popular movies.

From John Travolta's Grease rockabilly to Robert Pattinson's Twilight rebel waves, via Sean Connery's iconic James Bond side sweep and more, these Halloween hairstyles will surely give you plenty of ideas to style your hair on Allhallows Eve!

James' Dean Quiff Hairstyle
James' Dean Quiff Hairstyle

The Quiff – James Dean, Rebel without a Cause (1955)

If you're thinking of wearing your hair in a quiff, look no further than James Dean's Rebel Without a Cause hairstyle. Leaning a tad towards extreme, this hairstyle has loads of attitude.

To make this iconic bad boy hairstyle, apply a tiny amount of hair fix putty on your damp tresses and blow-dry them, brushing backwards as you go to create a voluminous texture. As a finishing touch, take some more putty on your fingertips and smooth down your sideburns and back hair.

Complete the rebel look by sporting a red blouson jacket, white T-shirt and classic fit jeans.

Sean Connery's Classic 007 Side Sweep
Sean Connery's Classic 007 Side Sweep

Side Sweep – Sean Connery, James Bond (1962)

There's a distinguished masculinity about Special Agent James Bond's hairstyle. Replicate Sean Connery's classy side sweep in 007 movies such as Goldfinger and Diamonds are Forever by dabbing some clean styling gel over your hair and combing it neatly in place. Put on your tuxedo and you have the 'license to kill' ... with your looks, of course!

John Travolta's Rockabilly 'Grease' Hairstyle
John Travolta's Rockabilly 'Grease' Hairstyle

Rockabilly – John Travolta, Grease (1978)

If any men's hairstyle celebrates 1950s fashion in its true spirit, it's John Travolta's rockabilly in Grease. Also known as the 'elephant's trunk', this hairstyle requires you to work in some clean style gel through your medium-length damp hair and brush it upwards and back using a fine-toothed comb.

Don't press your hair too much while combing; you need to keep it slightly puffy. When done, use the tail of you comb to pull out one stray piece of hair on to your forehead. Finish off by spritzing your hair with some bold control hairspray to set the style for longer wear.

Robert de Niro's Messy Curls in Raging Bull
Robert de Niro's Messy Curls in Raging Bull

Messy Curls – Robert de Niro, Raging Bull (1980)

If you have short, curly hair and are looking for the easiest Halloween hairstyle for men, you can try out Robert de Niro's messy hairstyle in Raging Bull.

All you need to do is work a tiny amount of hair gel through your curls, put on your boxer gloves and "go, get 'em, champ!"

Keanu Reeves' Slick Hairstyle in The Matrix
Keanu Reeves' Slick Hairstyle in The Matrix

Brushed Back Hair: Keanu Reeves, The Matrix (1999)

Looking for a minimalistic hairstyle for Halloween? Apply some styling gel all over your hair and comb it backwards to recreate Keanu Reeves' slick, brushed back hairstyle from The Matrix. Just wear a black outfit and don't forget your sunglasses to complete the look!

Robert Pattinson's Rebel Waves in Twilight
Robert Pattinson's Rebel Waves in Twilight

Rebel Waves: Robert Pattinson, Twilight (2009)

Replicate the Twilight star's rebel waves hairstyle this Halloween and have the women swoon over you! Work in a tiny amount of deconstruction gum through your mane, rake up your hair with your fingers and sculpt individual pieces in a swept-up style to create effortlessly sexy Halloween hair.

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