Best Day-to-Night Hairstyles for Working Women

/ 09.16.2015
4 Best Day-to-Night Hairstyles for Working Women
  4 Best Day-to-Night Hairstyles for Working Women

As busy ladies we don't have a lot of time on our hands to transition from a sleek daytime hairstyle to a sexy night time 'do. With only a few minutes to spare between our hectic office schedules and an evening plan with friends, we need to keep a few easy hairstyle tricks up our sleeves to look our very best at all times!

We've tried and tested these day-to-night hairstyles to take you from the office to a night out in no time, and we think that you'd love them too! So give your formal work hairstyle the pink slip and jazz up your look with these easy to create, day-to-night looks:

Change Your Hair Part
Change Your Hair Part

1. Switch Sides

Honestly, there couldn't be a simpler day-to-night hairstyle than this! All you've got to do is change your hair part. If you wear your tresses with a middle part during the day, just go for a deep side part at night to pump up the glam!

This easy-to-transition hairstyle can be created with all types, textures and lengths of hair. If you have wavy hair, mist your mane with some strand smoother serum to remove frizz and straighten out your tresses. For straight hair, a styling gel will help to create a sleek, glossy finish. If you are blessed with curly hair, massage in a coin-sized amount of curl-taming cream to soften and define your curls.

Sleek Bun to Loose Waves
Sleek Bun to Loose Waves

2. From Sleek Low Bun to Gorgeous Waves in Minutes

Keep every strand in place with a sleek low bun or a chignon during the day and let your hair down after work to flaunt your gorgeous waves in the evening. This day-to-night hairstyle is a great style hack that you can execute without breaking a sweat. All you need to do is untie your bun, flip your head upside down, give your hair a good scrunch and flip your tresses back. (Extra points for carrying a tousled waves hairspray in your purse for just such an occasion and spritzing it on your tresses to create the perfect look!) That's it!

This look works best on medium to long, wavy hair.

Loose Waves to Sleek Chignon
Loose Waves to Sleek Chignon

3. Tie Loose Waves into a Sleek Chignon

We've reserved this one for more glamorous affairs, such as a cocktail party. This day-to-night hairstyle comprises wearing your hair in casual waves during the day and sculpting it into an ultra-glam chignon in the evening.

To create this look, brush out your naturally wavy hair, gather it at the nape of your neck and coil it into a chignon using lots of bobby pins. Secure the hairstyle with some fine hold hairspray. You can create a low chignon, a high one or even one on the side. Embellish it with an ornate hairpin or tuck in a floral hair accessory to build up the charm.

Middle Parted Loose Hair to Low Ponytail
Middle Parted Loose Hair to Low Ponytail

4. From Middle-Parted Loose Hair to a Sleek Ponytail

This is another super easy, day-to-night hairstyle to execute on the busiest of days and works best with medium-length to long hair. If you wear your hair pin-straight during the day, you can simply pull it back into a sleek ponytail and create an ultra-glamorous look for a night out. Two important things to remember:

1. Before you create your ponytail, remember to massage in a small quantity of frizz banishing cream to detangle your hair and lend it a lustrous finish.

2. After you've secured your ponytail, give your tresses a spritz of your favorite fine-hold hairspray to tame flyways and keep every strand of hair in place.

Low Ponytail to Asymmetrical Twist
Low Ponytail to Asymmetrical Twist

5. Transform Your Low Ponytail into an Asymmetrical Chignon

This styling hack is perfect for a date night and takes less than 2 minutes to create. If you wear your medium length hair in a low ponytail during the day, transform it into an asymmetrical chignon in the evening.

To create this modish updo, just spiral your ponytail around the hair elastic and keep securing the twist as you go. Spritz with some fine-hold hairspray and ta-da ... you're ready for your date!

Easy-peasy, isn't it? Try it out the next time you have a special after-work plan. Make an asymmetrical chignon at the nape of your neck or take it to a new level of chic by forming a side bun!

Loose Hair to Twisted Half-Up Hairstyle
Loose Hair to Twisted Half-Up Hairstyle

6. Twist Your Loose Hair to Create this Beautiful Half-Up

Who said you have to travel with your squad of hairstylists to make your hair look prim and proper after a hard day's work? Simply twist two small sections of your loose hair all the way to the back, secure them with a couple of bobby pins and voilà – you have a super elegant evening hairstyle!

The best thing is that you can create this beautiful half-up hairdo with shoulder-length to long hair of any texture and in less than a minute! For a sleeker finish, mist your loose hair with some strand smoothing serum and make your tresses tangle-free, soft and shiny.

This romantic half-up hairstyle is ideal for casual as well as formal occasions. So, what do you think? Would you try this one out?

Half-Up Hair Rolled into a Chignon
Half-Up Hair Rolled into a Chignon

7. Roll Your Half-Up Hairstyle into a Chignon

Another gorgeous day-to-night hairstyle that can be crafted quickly and easily, especially when you're short on time (and space!) is the rolled up chignon.

To create this beautiful updo with your half-up hair, simply roll up the ends of your loose hair and secure them at the back of your head with the help of bobby pins. Spritz some fine control hairspray on your updo and you're ready to step out in style!

You can create this sleek chignon with medium length to long hair and sport it just about anywhere. Tuck in a fresh flower to lend your hairstyle a romantic appeal.

Side Braids to Milkmaid Braid
Side Braids to Milkmaid Braid

8. Make an Easy Milkmaid Braid from Your Low Side Braid

Braids are so on-trend these days! What's even better, they can be arranged in a number of ways to create interesting and quick day-to-night hairstyles. For instance, you can easily transform your low side braid into a milkmaid braid! Want to know how? Well, just wrap your braid around your hairline and secure the end behind your ear. That's it – you have a chic, party-ready hairstyle in less than 30 seconds! You don't even need to make your updo very neat; in fact, a slightly disheveled finish lends this hairstyle a modish, sexy appeal.

This braided updo is so easy that you can create it in the limited confines of your office cubicle! Tuck in a couple of ornate hairpins to glam up your hairstyle for a date or even costume party!

Classic Braid to Tousled Waves
Classic Braid to Tousled Waves

9. Go from a Classic Braid to Easy Tousled Waves

If you just want to let your hair down and look glamorous for a party or a night out on the town with your friends, simply untie your braid! You'll see gorgeous tousled waves in your hair that you don't even need to style! Simply mist your lovely locks with some hairspray to set the wavy effect for longer wear and you're good to go!

Tousled waves are in vogue this season and this is an awesome 'no heat' waves technique to get glamorous hair without using a single heat styling tool or product. Give this loose wavy hairstyle a go: we bet you'll want to sport it again and again!

High Ponytail to Power Braid
High Ponytail to Power Braid

10. Revamp Your High Ponytail into a Power Braid

Here's a simple trick to transform an office-appropriate hairdo into a red carpet worthy hairstyle: plait your high ponytail and convert it into a glamorous power braid!

Seen again and again both on and off the Fashion Week runways this season, power braids are definitely here to stay. They look good on every woman - irrespective of her face shape - and help to keep your hair out of the way and under control.

Dab some styling gel on your hair to create a slick, wet-look braided ponytail and make your day-to-night hairstyle ooze glamour and elegance!

Regular Braid to a Braided Chignon
Regular Braid to a Braided Chignon

11. Give Your Braid a Makeover – Turn it into a Braided Chignon

Simple but beautiful, a braided chignon is sure to amp up your charm and turn a few heads. A braided chignon looks elegant, romantic and graceful and is perfect to wear for just about any occasion: a date, a cocktail party, an awards night or even a wedding!

Like all the other hairstyles mentioned in this article, a braided chignon is very easy to make too! Tie a hair elastic at the base of your braid (to make it look like a power braid) and coil the plait around the base, securing it with bobby pins as you go. Spritz some fine hold hairspray to tame flyways and make your elegant updo stay put for hours!

Don't forget to accessorize your braided chignon with an ornate hair pin or a floral hair accessory!

Braided Hairstyle to Crimped Hair
Braided Hairstyle to Crimped Hair

12. Braided Hairstyle by Day, Crimped Hair by Night

Love crimped hair? Here's an easy and heat-free way to create it:

Wear any braided hairstyle during the day. You can make a tight regular braid, multiple baby braids, two side pigtails or even a chunky braided headband, depending on how crimped you want to go. Remember, the tighter your braid, the more defined the crimps will be. Don't forget to mist your braided hairstyle with some fine control hairspray. This will allow the pretty curves to set during the day. When you're ready to party in the evening, simply untie your braids and what do you get? Beautifully crimped waves!

No crimper, no heat, no fuss – is this the ultimate day-to-night hairstyle or what?

We personally find these day-to-night hairstyles very handy, particularly when we're racing against the clock. Hope you'll like them too!


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