Bangs for curly hair: embrace the texture!

/ 11.20.2014
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There are all kinds of guidelines when it comes to choosing the right bangs for your face shape and hair type, especially for curly hair. A common misconception dictates that curly hair and bangs just don't work together and should thus be left to their own, separate devices.

The truth, however, is quite different: wavy and curly hair can look gorgeous with a fringe and below, you'll find some useful tips to help make textured bangs work for you.

1/ Talk to your stylist

Before you go ahead and get a fringe cut in, ask your stylist about how bangs will work with your hair. This is important because a professional will be able to tell you how your specific hair type will behave with bangs, and give you a few maintenance pointers.

2/ Factor in your styling habits

If you take a fairly laid back approach to styling, make sure your bangs will work with your laissez-faire routine. So, if you tend to wash and go (albeit with copious amounts of hydrating, frizz-destroying product) make sure your they won't require regular heat styling to look right.

Top tip - For simple touch-ups, apply a small amount of Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Deconstructing Gum to your bangs, then shape them with your fingers.

3/ Remember that length matters

Curly hair shrinkage is a bit like a magic trick. If you straighten your hair, it can cascade all the way down your back like a waterfall, but if you leave it au naturel, it might only just skim your shoulders. Bear this in might when you get bangs and allow your coils plenty of room to move.

Will you get ahead of the curve with some textured bangs of your own?

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