Bad weather styling: how to keep straight hair straight

/ 12.09.2014
Don't let winter weather cramp your (hair)style!
Don't let winter weather cramp your (hair)style!
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For many of us, the winter months bring with them a whole lot of frizz, split ends, flyaways and kinks. To maintain a sleek, straight finish, whatever Mother Nature may have planned, check out our haircare tips below!

Keep your hair healthy

Perhaps unsurprisingly, weak hair is the most susceptible to frizz, especially when it's wet or humid outside. Keep it as healthy and as strong as possible with conditioner, deep-conditioning masks, and regular trims. When styling, you should always use a thermal protectant such as Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Frizz Vanisher Cream, and finish with hairspray to seal your hair against moisture when it's dry.

Styling tips

At home
Drying your hair on a low temperature setting will limit the amount of potential heat damage, and prepare it for the cooler temperatures that await outside! As a rule, you should always make sure your hair is 100% dry and cool before you head out because if there's any excess moisture, it'll frizz right away and ruin your hard work.

Out and about
If you tend to play with your hair when nervous or bored, try to find something else to occupy your hands. Touching your locks can encourage frizz and flyaways before the elements even get a chance to.

When it's really windy or there's a torrential downpour and you think your hair either will be or already is getting out of control, style it into a cute side braid to protect it as much as possible.

Finally, keep your friends close and your umbrella closer!

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