Alternative braided updo: the rope-twist crown

/ 02.13.2014
Would you try a rope-twist braid crown?
Would you try a rope-twist braid crown?
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Romantic hairstyles usually incorporate a lot of soft texture, braids, and wispy strands of hair but there is an alternative style if you prefer to keep your look more minimalist: a braided rope-twist crown. As seen on the Venexiana Fall 2014 runway at New York Fashion Week, it's right on trend and less difficult to recreate than it looks. Having said that, it is a hairstyle for long hair, or anyone who has a good set of extensions to hand.

A rope-twist braid can be worn sleek and tight or secured more loosely, depending on what you like best and feel most comfortable wearing. The smoother it is and the closer it sits to your head, the more polished it will look. The twist itself seems quite fresh and uncomplicated, due to it's simple two-strand structure, creating a look that is totally different to what can be done with a regular or fishtail braid.

Get the look

There are a couple of different ways to create this updo. You can read our tutorial for loose rope braids and, once you've got the technique down pat, rope-twist two pigtails and then pin them into place around your head. This will create an interesting look that is a bit like milkmaid braids.

For a more flowing look, you'll need to rope-twist braid your hair into the crown shape, gathering your hair in as you go. This technique is harder to do but, with a little practice, you'll find it gets easier.

Step one: After brushing your hair through to remove any tangles and knots, use a tail comb to define a deep side part, in line with the arch of your eyebrow.

Step two: Separate the very front pieces of hair - including bands - into two sections.

Step three: Cross the section of hair closest to the face back over the other section.

Step four: Take a small section of hair - half an inch or smaller - to the section of hair closest to the hairline and cross it back over the other section.

Step five: Like with a French braid, continue adding small pieces of hair to whichever section of the twist is closest to the hairline as your braid toward the opposite ear. Secure with bobby pins as you go to secure the braid.

Step six: Once all the hair has been incorporated into the braid, twist the lengths into a regular rope braid and wrap it around your head to complete the crown, pinning with bobby pins.

Step seven: Mist with Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Bold Control Hairspray for extra hold and you're done!

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