All You Need to Know About Opal Hair Color Trend

/ 11.03.2015
Opal Hair Color Trend
Opal Hair Color Trend

From tie dyed tips and rainbow shades to the latest fad of opal hair, trends move pretty quickly in the world of hair color. Opal hair color is all the rage these days, combining two of the hottest hair color trends – that of gray hair and rainbow color.

Opal hair color gets its name from the precious gemstone – opal, which has a beautiful pearly sheen that reflects iridescent hues of pinks, blues, purples and greens. The final hair color has a washed out sand art finish and looks quite beautiful, without being over the top flashy. In other words, it is a much softer version of the rainbow hair color.

How to Get the Right Opal Hair Color?

To prep the hair for an opal effect, the strands are first dyed to the lightest shade of pale blonde or platinum hair color to achieve a pearly hue, which is just one shade short of absolute grey. The hair is then coated with a toner and additional colors are applied in layers to achieve the opal effect.

Typically, the final hair color has subtle nuances of pinks and greens. The key to perfecting this hair coloring technique lies in layering. The hair layers should be colored in such a way that the hues look different from every angle.

Should You Try This Trend?

Why not! A fun hair color not only induces an element of fun in your usual hairstyle but also transforms your personality. If you love to stay trendy and experiment with your hair, the opal trend may be right up your alley.

Also, if you've already braved a grey hair color, which is returning to its original shade, you can give it a hip refresh by going opal!

However, do bear in mind that like rainbow or pastel hair colors, opal hair may not be suitable for everyone or for formal workplaces.

Where To Get Your Hair Colored?

Opal hair coloring is an intricate technique best left to experts. Since it comprises multi-colored strands sitting on top of one another, only a professional hair colorist can help you achieve a flawless, iridescent effect.

So, now that you know everything about opal hair, would you try this latest color trend?

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