6 Short platinum street style hairstyles you'll love

/ 07.30.2015
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  •  Plaatinum pixie 
 A smooth platinum pixie looks cool, calm and totally under control, but the vibrant color keeps it interesting. As polished, work-friendly hairstyles go, it's definitely one of our favorites!
  •  Short platinum bob with bangs 
 Platinum hair will always command attention, but pair it with a short, geometric bob with bangs and you've got yourself an unforgettable hairstyle!
  •  Messy pixie cut 
 With windswept spikes, this platinum pixie haircut is essentially the definition of crowning glory!
  •  Messy bangs 
 With some volumizing hairspray, messy, windswept bangs can be yours in mere minutes. We love how they look poking out from under a hat- the perfect look for fall?
  •  Slicked back 
 Short, slicked back platinum hair is easily one of the coolest hairstyles on the planet, mainly because the only styling required is to set it, then forget it! Lazy girls, this one's for you...
  •  Blunt bob 
 With a hint of tousled texture, this blunt bob is the perfect showcase for platinum strands. To recreate the look, scrunch some texturizing spray through slightly damp hair, then leave it to air dry.
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Deciding to go platinum requires huge hairstyle commitment, but the brightest blonde is definitely worth the effort. The same goes for getting a short haircut and, funnily enough, the two seems to work beautifully together! To see exactly what we're talking about, check out some of our favorite short platinum street style looks in the gallery above.

Who knows, maybe they'll convince you to try a radical new hairstyle of your own...

Platinum hair care

Bleach is a major stressor for all hair types, so make sure you have a great haircare routine in place. Condition regularly, top up with leave-in products between washes, and make time in your weekly regime for a deep conditioning hair mask if you haven't already.

Cutting back on heat styling will also help to maintain overall hair health, but when you do need to use hot tools on your tresses, apply a thermal protectant like Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Tousle Waves Spray first. Section your hair, then apply the protectant for the best coverage.

Short hair maintenance

Apart from choosing a cut based on your hair texture, it's also important to factor in the required maintenance when deciding on a new 'do.

Anything closely cropped like a particularly short pixie or an undercut with buzzed sides will require very regular trims - every 2-4 weeks - to maintain the right shape. Slightly longer cuts like a bob or messy pixie last a little longer between trims, but you should still be paying your stylist a visit every 4-6 weeks, especially if bangs are a factor.

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