5 Tips to Avoid Hair Breakage

/ 01.19.2016
How to Avoid Hair Breakage and Have a Gorgeous Mane
How to Avoid Hair Breakage and Have a Gorgeous Mane

While science suggests that an average person loses about 50-150 strands of hair every day, in reality hair breakage causes our hearts to break. Apart from making our manes look battered, hair breakage is also the number one cause of hair fall. We agree that our fast-paced lives makes it difficult for us to give our precious locks the TLC that they deserve, however, there are a few simple things that we can do (or not do) to prevent our hair from breaking.

Here are five key tips to avoid hair breakage:

Don't shampoo your hair frequently – the more you shampoo your hair, the more natural oils and nutrients are washed out, leaving you with parched strands that are super prone to breakage. Shampoo twice every week and follow up with a good quality conditioner to keep your tresses moisturized and soft. If your hair is feeling greasy, use a dry shampoo to make it look fresh and smell great too.

Don't brush or detangle wet hairwet hair is extremely vulnerable to breakage; even a gentle tug can pull strands off and cause them to fall. Trying to remove knots and tangles from wet hair may cause extreme friction and cause damage to your hair – at the roots or along the shaft. It can also bruise the cuticle and cause it to rupture, giving the appearance of damaged hair. Always leave a tiny amount of strand smoother serum in your wet hair and allow your tresses to air dry. The product will make it easier for you to brush or detangle your hair when it's dry, without causing breakage.

Keep heat styling to the minimum – any form of heat – whether from the blow dryer or the flat iron, can dry up and scald the cuticles and cause your strands to break. If you must use your favorite heat styling tools, always mist your hair generously with a good quality heat protectant hairspray. The product will shield your strands and control breakage.

Get split ends trimmed regularly –split ends are generally caused by extreme dryness that causes the cuticle to split at the tips. If the dryness moves further up the shaft of your hair, it will cause breakage. Nip the problem in the bud by getting split ends trimmed every 4-6 weeks. It will also help you grow your hair.

Make relaxed hairstyles – whether your hair is long or short, straight, wavy or curly, it is best left relaxed, even if you're tying it up in a ponytail, a braid or an updo. Very tight hairstyles trigger hair breakage, as do elastic rubber bands. Go for loose, relaxed hairstyles that don't strain your strands and secure them with softer hair-ties, scrunchies or bobby pins.

Additional tip: A weekly restorative oil treatment will also help to re-instill health, strength and shine back in your hair and prevent it from breaking.

Following these simple tips will not take up too much of your time; it will, however, leave you with a head full of lush hair!

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