5 Slicked back hairstyles that are actually wearable

/ 04.09.2015

Slicked back hairstyles often seem a little intense to be worn off the runway, but there are some wet look 'dos that are perfect for a night out or even a bold daytime look. To show you exactly what we mean, we've handpicked five of our favorite slicked back styles of the moment.

Will you dare to try one?

1. Slicked back tousled hair

Slciked back tousled hair
Slciked back tousled hair

This hairstyle is the perfect partner for a dramatic makeup look, and it does a fantastic job of hiding dirty roots in plain sight. It can be worn with gel throughout, or you can slick back the top layers and leave the mid-lengths and ends au naturel.

Styling tip

Run some Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Clean Style Gel from your hairline back through your hair, then massage the roots on top with your fingertips to build height.

2. Slicked back bob

Slicked back curly bob
Slicked back curly bob

If you have naturally very curly hair, a slicked back bob style creates a really clean look for spring and summer. It keeps the hair off the face and a small amount of gel will seal your curls against humidity to help protect against frizz.

3. Mixed textures

Mixed textures
Mixed textures

With the hair on top slicked back and the ends left loose, a style with mixed textures is a good way to start exploring wet look hair. If you're not convinced, Blake Lively rocked a similar look recently and it was awesome.

Styling tip

Spray the mid-lengths and ends of your hair with Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT High Lift Creation Spray and gently tease it to add volume.

4. With visible bobby pins

Slicked back hair with bobby pins
Slicked back hair with bobby pins

With wavy ends and plenty of visible bobby pins acting as barrettes on either side, this on-trend look has it all. It works for most hair lengths and can be adapted for ponytails, side-swept styles and pomps.

Styling tip

Spray the ends of your hair with Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Tousle Waves Spray and curl them with a 1 1/2" iron for loose waves.

5. Half-up

Half-up wet look hair
Half-up wet look hair

A slicked back, half-up style has plenty of detail and can be worn with twists or braids. This look works really well with all textures and is perfect for keeping the hair off the face during the warmer months.

Styling tip

For a flexible, low-shine finish that won't set hair, use Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Hyper Fix Putty to sweep your hair back and hold it in place.

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