5 Ponytails Anyone Can Achieve

/ 12.24.2015
Twisted Ponytail
Twisted Ponytail

We love ponytails because they're so easy and sassy, great on a practical level and pretty cool on every level. The sensation of a gorgeous, healthy ponytail swinging as you stride confidently in the street is uplifting, and the best accessory for great hair is a heartfelt smile!

Any mane deserves a ponytail sometimes – even if it's just a smart solution for when there's no time to wash. Ponytails are youthful and don't have to appear simple, but stress-free styling is vital. Which one will you pick today?

French Twist Ponytail
French Twist Ponytail

1. French Twist Ponytail

Rocking this edgy version of the classic French twist will get you noticed. This style could be worn to work or for an evening out with friends. The formality of the French twist is softened by the tresses flowing down your back.

French twists are deceptively simple to create. If you've never styled one before, it shouldn't take you more than two or three tries, and leaving the ends loose makes it even easier.

Thoroughly brush your dry hair, being careful to avoid breakages. Work through some styling cream, particularly at the ends, and then mist your locks with high-gloss spray. Pull it all back smooth, thread through a hair tie as for a normal ponytail then slide the tie along a few inches. Turn the Ponytail inwards to form a vertical roll with the ends falling down. Twist so it's snug and tuck a few bobby pins at intervals along the fold. Spritz with firm-hold hairspray.

P.S. If you feel like cheating with a color-matched clip-in hairpiece to add length, a French twist is the best hiding place for the top part!

High Ponytail
High Ponytail

2. High Ponytail

Though this may be the simplest, swingiest hairstyle ever, the way you wear it makes all the difference. Minimal or no make-up and you're all set for the gym, shopping, or a stroll on the beach. A slick of lipstick and voilà – instant chic!

Wherever you take your high ponytail, there are two golden rules:

A – fabulous, glossy hair from roots to ends.

B – smoothly secure. A good brush-through before hand, a little product for added gloss and hold, plus a generously-sized elastic hair-tie that won't slip about and make the smoothed-back hair go uneven, but not so painfully tight that it gives you a headache and "dents" your hair.

Now swing it, sister!

Messy Side Ponytail
Messy Side Ponytail

3. Messy Side Ponytail

A gorgeously easy way to tame your luscious mane! If you are lucky enough to have a magnificent head of Pre-Raphaelite waves, then all you need is a hair-tie – but we lesser mortals can achieve similar results with the right products and a bit of know-how up our sleeves... plus a clip-in hair piece or two for the ultimate Rapunzel effect.

The appeal of this hairstyle lies in the abundant waves, so prepare with a styling wax or gum that adds texture, scrunching it through as you blow-dry. Smooth down the upper sections of your mane so it falls sleekly from your hairline and tie your ponytail just underneath your ear, leaving the ear on your best facial side clear (If you're not sure which is your best side, now's the time to have a good look and decide!).

Ponytail with Braid
Ponytail with Braid

4. Braided Ponytail

Braids are totally the trend du jour, bringing out our boho side and they frame any face-shape as prettily as can be.

After brushing through so your hair is glossy and tangle-free, select one, or two if you prefer, front sections for braiding. As you plait, keep the hair section pulled back so that it will lie snugly later. Secure them with small ties at the ends.

Now create your smoothed back, medium-high ponytail look as usual with the rest of your mane, and pull in the braids through the bigger hair tie.

Curled Ponytail
Curled Ponytail

5. Curled Ponytail

We love how a few subtle details add sophistication to this classic hairstyle: the glossy curled ends and the strands wrapped around the hair tie. Simple, yet oh so effective.

Beautiful, well-maintained hair is a must, so go for a gloss-boosting product and pay particular attention to your ends, before creating the ponytail just above the nape of your neck. Once secured with a band, adorned with a wrap of your own hair snugly around it, curl your Ponytail ends around a small-barreled curling iron and spritz with fine-hold hairspray once cooled. Don't separate the curls this time, the weight will cause them to fall with elegance.

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