5 Inspirations to Style Your Pixie Hairstyle

/ 09.07.2015
5 Inspirations to Style Your Pixie Hairstyle
 5 Inspirations to Style Your Pixie Hairstyle

The super playful, edgy, cool and feminine pixie cut is getting the attention it so rightfully deserves. Although most women believe that they can wear this short hairstyle only in a certain way, we bust the myth and bring you five inspirations to style your pixie.

Whether you are looking for a crisp style or a roughed-up 'do, these ideas will surely inspire you!

1. Feminize It

Ladies, the best way to own this androgynous short hairstyle is to make it look a tad more feminine. There are many ways to do that. For instance, you can blow dry your bangs to the side to create a softer look. Doing this will not only make this very short hairstyle for women look less severe but also take the attention off a square jawline. You can also style your short bangs into pieces or straighten the face-framing sections using a flat iron and then ruffle them casually with your fingers to create a more delicate style.

2. Keep It Crisp

Want to create a sleeker and more controlled look, à la Charlize Theron? Make light hair waxes and pomades your best friends. These hair styling products lend texture and toughness to your strands and create a shiny effect without cutting out on volume. Wear your sleek pixie to work or to a party; this modern, sexy hairstyle is sure to make heads turn wherever you go!

3. Rough It Up

Messy hairstyles are definitely in vogue (remember Jennifer Lawrence's famous haircut?) and like most other hairstyles for women the pixie too offers many-a-chance to pump up the oomph with a chaotic look. If you are not comfortable around waxes or pomades, you can toss them altogether and go for a beach spray instead to add grit to your hair and create an effortlessly gritty and sexy look.

4. Volumize It

Contrary to the popular belief that you can only add volume to longer hair, short hair actually offers great scope to create bulk. The reason is simple – long hair pulls down the volume with its sheer weight, while shorter hair makes even a little bit of lift look super glamorous. Spritz a lightweight volumizer on your hair and lift your strands gently with your fingers as you blow dry them. Flip your head upside down while blow drying your hair to add more body.

5. Tame It

Do you have naturally curly or very thick hair that makes it difficult to style your pixie? Tame your locks using a flat iron. Remember to spritz some strand smoother serum spray to remove frizz and keep flyways in place. Ironing your hair post prep will lend your pixie a much more controlled, high-shine and ultra-sleek look.

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