5 Glamorous Hairstyles for Christmas

/ 12.23.2015
5 Glamorous Hairstyles for Christmas
5 Glamorous Hairstyles for Christmas

Christmas holidays: synonymous with feasting, parties, gifts, carol singing – and glamour! You may be run off your feet with preparations and parties but there's never a better time to give thought to your hairstyle. Looking your best helps you enjoy your time with loved ones to the MAX!

Why not give yourself a break opt for a flattering hairstyle to boost your confidence, a hairstyle which is easy to maintain – and just so happens to be in our list below! Check out our 5 top picks for the Christmas period:


1. Bob with bangs

Sassy and sophisticated, this blunt bob is a sleek and straight hairstyle that suits all face shapes. Eyebrow-skimming bangs are sexy, cool, and vintage – like a Louise Brooks silently smoldering in the 1920s.

The smoothness of this hairstyle is simple to maintain with the right products. Give your locks a thorough spritz of heat protectant when blow drying or straightening to prevent any heat damage or unwanted frizz. Finish with a leave-in cream or serum and shine on!


2. Collarbone grazing curls

Easy to maintain and long enough to be versatile, this hairstyle also boasts a flattering deep side part to flatter all face shapes. The tousled styling is effortlessly chic, especially if you're blessed with naturally wavy hair.

To create a texturized windswept effect in your straight or wavy hair, work a little styling cream through your locks and comb through. Spritz generously with a heat protective spray. Create a deep side hair part, hold with a bobby pin and styling cream before blow-drying on medium heat.

Hold small sections of hair on a medium-barreled curling iron and allow them to set for a few seconds. Once they slide off the iron, spritz them with firm-hold hairspray.

Repeat until all the sections are curled. Finally, run your fingers gently through your hair for a natural-looking texture.

Pin-Up Curls
Pin-Up Curls

3. Pin-up Curls

There's some major-league glamour and vintage charm going on in this medium-length style! Loose, bouncy curls are as ideal for a festive lunch as they are at a red carpet event. The swept-back volume contours the cheek and brow bones, and lengthens your face.

For a picture-perfect Christmas, apply a light hairstyling gel before blow-drying, then back-comb your hair at the roots to create volume. Divide your tresses into multiple vertical sections, spritz some heat protectant hairspray on each section before winding it on a medium-barreled curling iron. Once cool, set your gorgeous waves with a firm-hold hairspray.

Side-Swept Blowout
Side-Swept Blowout

4. Side swept blow-out

Who wouldn't want gorgeous, soft layers for Christmas? The big side-sweep forms a stunning frame for your beauty look and your expertly groomed brows. Layers can add or reduce volume, and can be strategically cut to suite any face shape, enhancing your best features. A timely trim from your stylist plus tip-top maintenance keeps split ends at bay.

Even in the bustle of the holidays, we can all steal ten minutes to give our mane the tender loving care it merits. Use volumizing mousse and a generous dose of heat protectant spray before blow-drying over a barrel brush, and keep your side part in place with styling cream.

Twisted Half-up Hairstyle
Twisted Half-up Hairstyle

5. Twisted Half Up Hair

Practical yet elegant - and beautifully romantic - this hairstyle will take you right through Christmas day, from dressing the turkey, all the way to bedtime! We love half updos as they give us the best of both worlds: flowing long locks coupled with the casual glamour of hair pinned up and back from the face. This look works on all long or medium-length hair and for any texture. The lucky long-haired ladies amongst us already know how versatile this look can be, and adore trying out a variety of hairstyles.

Pulling back two twists on each side makes this style that little bit more special, yet barely takes more than a few extra seconds.

Volume is essential for this style to show off your tresses at their very best, so after washing and deep-conditioning your hair, rub through some volumizing mousse from roots to ends before you blow-dry upside-down, not forgetting to spritz with protective spray to ward off heat damage. Once dry, part your mane off center and divide each side into an upper and lower section. Take the upper sections first, twist each one loosely and clip at the back of your head. Do the same with the lower sections and tie them all together with a covered band. Finish by wrapping a strand of hair around the band and secure the end with a discreet bobby pin.

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