5 Cute Ways to Style Your Curly Hair

/ 09.15.2015
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  • 5 Cute Ways to Style Your Curly Hair
  •   Braided Ponytail with Curly Hair  
  Curly ponytails  are a perfect hairstyle to keep your tresses tied-up and off your face. This  hairstyle for curly hair  can be created with  medium-length  to long tresses. You can also  braid  it up for a more stylish look. Add some deliberate messiness by letting a couple of face-framing curls loose. Smooth in some alcohol-free curl  taming mousse  to make your curls hold for longer wear without adding extra weight.
  •   High-Volume Blowout   
There's no better way to own your  big hair  than go for the full-blown, high-volume look. Spritz some  high lift creation spray  to lift the roots and add bulk to your hairdo before diffusing or air drying your curls. High-volume hair never goes out of fashion; all you need to know is how to wear it with pride and attitude!
  •   Side Sweep for Curly Hair  
 A great way to  style curly hair  is to go for the  side sweep . Gorgeous side swept curls create a smoldering  red carpet look . You can build the drama even more by doing a retro spin and pulling all the curls from one side of your head over the opposite shoulder. For finishing touches, tuck in a hair ornament or  floral accessory .
  •   Messy Bun with Curly Hair  
 If your curls are very unruly and you don't have much time on your hands to tame them into a style, turn lemons into lemonde by making a  messy bun . This hairstyle doesn't need to be perfect. Just twist your hair like a rope and secure it in place using  bobby pins .
  •   Swept Back Style for Curly Hair  
 If an ultra-glam look is what you're after, this  swept back look for curly hair  will fit your bill perfectly. Use a good styling gel to sweep back all your front hair and finish with a  strong hold hairspray  to keep every strand in place, while getting a lustrous, polished look.

If you are blessed with luxurious curly hair, we envy you ... seriously! But hey, if you want some tips on how to style your curly hair, we've got some really handy ideas. Take cue from these five cute ways to style your curly hair or try them all ... one style for each day of the week!

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