5 braided updos to try

/ 04.24.2014
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  • Reverse French braided updo
  • Braided chignon
  • Simple French braided chignon
  • Braided headband
  • French braided updo

Braided updos come in all shapes and sizes so choosing just one to try can be a little difficult. There are a few things to consider, including texture, difficulty and the overall effect. Do you want something that looks really pulled together, or something a little softer? Do you want a glossy sheen or a matte finish? Do you have enough bobby pins? It can get a little complicated...

First of all, you should always have enough bobby pins, or live with someone who does. Secondly, no braided mountain is insurmountable – you can learn any technique as long as you're willing to practice. Thirdly, everything else comes down to personal taste!

To make things a little easier, we've handpicked five gorgeous braided updos to help inspire you. So, scroll through the gallery above and get braiding! Or just look at how pretty they are...

Reverse French braid

A great way to put a fresh spin on an old classic is to turn it on its head, literally in this case. Starting at the nape of the neck and braiding upwards, this updo is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. All you have to do is get accustomed to doing your hair upside down! Once you reach the top of your head, shape the ends of your hair into an unkempt bun and pin. Finish with a generous mist of Advanced Hairstyle LOCK IT Bold Control Hairspray and you're good to go.

Braided chignon

Like a low knot, a braided chignon is fairly simple to construct. All you have to do is smooth your hair back into a low pony, split it in half, braid each half and pin as desired. For an ultra-sleek look, spray the hair from root to end with Advanced Hairstyle SLEEK IT Strand-Smoother Serum Spray before you start.

French braided chignon

This hairstyle basically consists of French-braiding the hair from the top of the head all the way down to the nape of the neck then pinning the rest into a small bun or chignon at the bottom. This 'do looks great with a slightly tousled effect so apply Advanced Hairstyle TXT IT Tousle Waves Spray and blow-dry in twisted sections to create extra movement before you start. Once you're done styling, tease a few strands loose to frame your face and further soften the look.

Crown braid

A braided crown or headband is always a great option for anyone who wants to accessorize... without actually accessorizing. All you have to do is braid a section of hair on each side of your head then pin them over the top of your head to create a 'headband'. Alternatively, French braid the hair around your head, positioning the braid a couple of inches back from your hairline. For a windswept finish, spray the roots at the back with Advanced Hairspray and tease gently. You can pin the hair into a loose chignon or leave it loose.

Another French braided chignon...

Last, but by no means least, we have a different French braided chignon. This updo requires braiding the hair on either side of the head then pinning the ends into a chignon/bun at the back. If your skills are a little rusty, you may need to do a couple of practice sessions to get this style just right.

Which look is your favorite?

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